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Best Minimalist Tattoo for Your Zodiac Sign

Tattoos have been seen as a mark of self-expression. And with minimalist tattoos becoming a significant trend, people are now able to mark their bodies with a sign of chic elegance. These tattoos are small enough to be kept hidden, but beautiful enough to make a statement about yourself. One way to make a meaningful statement is to go for a tattoo that best suits your zodiac sign. Here’s a list of the best minimalist tattoo for your zodiac sign:


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Aries are known for their assertive and competitive energy. As the first zodiac sign, they are born to be number one. Dinosaurs are similarly known for their aggressive and confident attitude, well, that was until they became extinct. Dinosaurs would be the best minimalist tattoo for Aries because you’ll be able to represent the leader within you while honoring the first creatures to walk the Earth. 


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As a Taurus, you are known for being a romantic and lover of pretty things. The tattoo with a skeleton and a human hand will highlight your loyalty and love you have for those who have entered your life but sadly could not stay forever. This tattoo will not only showcase your delicate and elegant style but will reveal how you find beauty in even the littlest of things.



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Gemini’s are constantly on the move, curious for life and always looking for fun. With a paper airplane tattoo, you’ll be able to display your love for adventure. Your enthusiastic and fun personality is what makes any moment exciting for Geminis. Therefore, a paper airplane will show that you’re always up for an unexpected yet thrilling time.


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Like most Cancers, you’re intuitive to people’s moods and are ready to comfort anyone in their time of need. Because of your loyal and sensitive personality, a delicate flower tattoo will be perfect for highlighting your characteristics as a Cancer. You enjoy surrounding yourself with comforts, such as cozy sweaters, a favorite book, a cup of tea, and a group of trusted friends. So why not add flowers to the list of your favorite things and highlight it through a beautiful minimalist tattoo?


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Leo’s are known for their dramatic and needy personalities. Your friends are always aware of how the spotlight is on Leos, which is why a music note would be the perfect tattoo for you. With this tattoo, you’ll be able to show the world that you can take your emotional and energetic personality and turn it into something as beautiful as music


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With your perfectionist and critical personality, a minimalist tattoo of fingers being crossed will highlight your Virgo characteristics. Virgo’s continuously need to feel secure and have their terms of love and affection met to be happy. tattoo of fingers crossed will be a perfect tattoo for any Virgo because it will highlight your need for security and loyality.


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As a Libra, you are rather kind, gentle, and loving. You value things that create harmony and peace within your life. That is why an oxygen molecule will be the perfect minimalist tattoo for you. Oxygen is what makes us function as proper human beings, and as Virgo, you pride yourself on being functional and balanced in life. What a perfect fit!


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As a water sign, Scorpios are fearless and mysterious. Those characteristics are very similar to the vast oceans. As Scorpios, you pride yourself on curiosity for life, and despite a challenge, you’re brave enough to tackle anything that is thrown your way. For most Scorpios, being able to be intuitive and understand your feelings, you’re ready to ride the wave even in the darkest of times.


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You’re a wanderer at heart, always will be, despite what others might tell you. But that’s just because you’re a Sagittarius who is fun loving and adventurers. A pine tree would be an excellent choice for a minimalist tattoo for it will show off your free spirit attitude. Like a pine tree, you’re straight forward and are always on a quest for truth and wisdom. You’ll fall in love with the delicate details of your tattoo, especially when there’s meaning behind it.



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As a Capricorn, you’re a natural born leader. You’re focused continuously and occupied by your career and business, which brings to light your ambitious personality. With your commitment and confidence to achieve anything you set your mind to, an arrow would be an excellent choice for a minimalist tattoo that can represent the characteristics of the Capricorn you are.


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Like most Aquarius, you are always willing to progress in your life. You hate limitations, but you love connecting with highly intelligent people that can understand your need for freedom. An infinity sign will be a perfect choice for a minimalist tattoo for it will showcase your ability to invasion your next step in your life as you continue to keep moving forward. You won’t stop for anyone, and that’s one of the best parts about you.


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As a Pisces, your mind is continuously fueled by your imagination. You have a strong desire to escape reality, which is why people can consistently find you daydreaming. So, what’s a better place to escape reality from than going to a whole other world? With a minimalist tattoo of planets, you’ll be able to pretend that you’re on a whole different world whenever you feel like it.

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