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1. Go to Bed at a Reasonable Hour Concentrating in class without proper rest is hard. Get your body ready for the physical demands of taking notes and walking to class. Tell your body that staying up late is not normal instead, it is a privilege reserved for school breaks.

2 Wake up Early to get into a Positive Mindset Mornings are a great time to reflect on where you are in school and life. Reflection is more comfortable without distractions. Think about your past mistakes and what you can do to correct them. Reinforce your goals and think of new ways to reach them.

3. Discuss pre Spring Break Material with friends or Classmates This will allow you and your friends an excuse to hang out on nights where you have loads of homework. You can refresh each other’s memories and reassure one another that everything will be okay.

4. Start Making Plans for Next Year’s Spring Break This will give you a goal to work toward and an incentive to work hard in class and at work. Making plans allows you to practice budgeting. You need to decide how much money you will need to take the trip you want. You should be able to reach your desired financial goal by taking a few extra shifts a week at your job.

5. Remember that Summer Break or Graduation is Around the Corner Your next life phase is near. Try to stay in the moment but when life gets difficult to remember that better times are ahead. Every day is a step toward progress.

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