14 Original Quotes About Being Heartbroken

“He may have controlled my past, but he is not in my present…so my future is free.”

“I was a fool in lust, blinded by all I desired, living in a false reality in which I created from a naïve state of mind.”

“I walk on eggshells as I travel on the path to finding love, but I know I must reach the end, for life is not worth living alone.”

“I can’t escape him. He consumes my thoughts and intrudes my dreams. But his presence only brings me sorrow, so I must forget him to free my tomorrow.”

“He hurt me, bruised my heart and scarred my mind in the thought of love. He erased my hope and destroyed my faith. He has taken a part of me that I may never find again. He has kidnapped my soul.”

“He does not know who I am, what I’m passionate about or what makes me laugh. He does not know of my wisdom or the morals I stand by. He does not know of the love I am capable to share and for that he never will.”

“He led me on once, then I let him twice. He told me to silence, so I closed my mouth. He told me to dance, so I put on a show. He told me to give him the world, so I gave him mine. He told me to turn around, so he can walk away.”

“I gave you my love, my red love. I let you enter my soul, my body. I believed in you and thought you believed in me, but as I lay here and bleed from this red love…you give your love to someone else.”

“I’m infatuated by him to the point of obsession. His presence consumes my body, mind and soul. His love is all I desire in life, but he does not desire mine. The feelings I possess for him, he does not possess for me. This love is not reciprocated, this love will never be.”

“He led me to an open door, but as I began to walk inside, he closed it.”

“I cannot explain my admiration for him, for it is undeserved. He adds no value to my life and brings me no happiness…yet he is all I think about.”

“I keep thinking he misses me…I keep hoping, but he chose her, not me. And for that, I know he does not miss me, because he chose to be without me.”

“He picked me up on a sunny day. We talked, laughed and sang as we cruised down the highway. After months of sunny days, he became a part of me. But on the first rainy day, he never came and, as the storm grew stronger, he drove farther away.” 

“I’m damaged, made up of old broken parts, pieced together by a single screw, forever wearing the battle scars from my war with love.”

All quotes written by Victoria Hudson.

These quotes are inspired by my life experiences involving love and heartache.

© Victoria Hudson 2016