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You Know Spring Has Arrived At App When…

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at App State chapter.

You know spring has arrived at App when…              


  • Sitting out on Klondike’s porch all day seems like the most logical thing to do, so you do so often with a group of your friends.
  • You become overly optimistic; a 30% chance of rain is read as a 70% chance of sun and a 100% chance of you losing motivation to do schoolwork.
  • You realize that when winter left, it took your motivation to go to the library with it.


  • “Enoing” is an actual verb and is now used in everyday conversation.
  • People suddenly come out of hibernation and take over Sanford Mall. 
  • You spend more time sitting on Sanford Mall than you do sitting on your couch.
  • You consider 55 degrees to be balmy.
  • You wear sunglasses even when it’s not very sunny. Given the inch, you take the mile.
  • Your days are overall better because Boom Box Guy is back.
  • Going to class seems like cruel and unusual punishment when all your friends are out hiking on their afternoon off.
  • Heavily filtered pictures of flowers with the caption “#spring” have taken over your Instagram newsfeed.
  • Your everyday wardrobe consists of Nike shorts, a t-shirt, and Chaco’s, no matter what the occasion.
  •  All the freshmen finally stop saying “why did I come to school here…” because they realize a short spring in Boone makes up for the long winter.
  • You realize your bank account is feeling the effects of the decision you made in #1.
  • You drop everything you’re doing if someone suggests tubing down the river.
  • You begin to notice that the number of people in your classes everyday is gradually getting smaller because they are all doing #1, #4, or a combination of both.
  • You suddenly have freshmen offering to buy you meals at Central because they need to use up their meal plan in the next 6 weeks.
  • You’ve accepted the fact that all nighters are probably inevitable the closer you get to final exams.
  •  Summer is no longer a foreign concept.
  •  You notice that the nice weather has also brought with it an increased number of Florida drivers.
  •  You notice how much you do not like Florida drivers.
  •  You find yourself driving less and walking more in order to take advantage of the Vitamin D.
  • You start seeing more and more dogs on campus.
  • All your friends from other schools start visiting you more because you no longer live in arctic tundra.
  • You’re reminded everyday of why you came to school here.

After a delightful few spring-like days, every collegiette is probably guilty of at least one of these things.  Here is to hoping the warm weather is here to stay!