Women in Video Games

If you’ve been following my writing this semester, it should come as no surprise that I am a big fan of video games. I’ve written about how much of a film nerd I am, and that I’m into K-pop, so of course, gaming is just another facet of my nerd life.


There are many more women who enjoy video games than at first would meet the eye, and today I decided to sit down with two of them and hear what gaming means to them. 


Every person who plays video games can place vaguely how or when they got into it, regardless of if they’re male or female. I know that for me, it had a lot to do with my older siblings, and my uncle taking me to the arcade every summer when I was young. 


For Carolina, a Sophomore at Appalachian studying Art and Visual Culture and concentrating in Studio Art, an early start into video games was important to her too. She places her “game start” in the 4th grade, watching brothers, and cousins play games. She would also go over to a neighborhood friend’s house who had all the games so she could play any games at all.


“Games come in so many different shapes and styles… 2-D, 3-D, there’s so much to choose from. Playing video games exposed me to different art forms and motivated my creativity as an Art Major. ”


Youth seems to be an important factor for enthusiastic gamers, as Griffin, another student at App is a prime example. She is a Middle School Education Major concentrating in English and Social studies; she can’t even place when she started playing video games she’s been doing it for so long.


“Video games are such a good way to experience a world you can never live in. There are so many things to do and so many paths to take. It feels like don’t have to be who you are, you can be whatever you want.”


She enjoys games that allow her to have a completely interactive experience; vast, open worlds to roam in, like one of her favorites, Assassin’s Creed. She also likes the turn-based classics such as Pokémon Diamond.


Carolina’s favorite games include the Legend of Zelda series and any other genres of games that involve important player-based choices that impact gameplay.


Given the chance to tell women who are hesitant to try gaming, Carolina says “Just try it. Don’t be scared. If you see something that interests you, do it. Don’t be afraid to have fun.”


Gaming doesn’t have to be something weird, off-the-wall, or gendered. It can be enjoyed by everyone, for practically lifetimes, as proved by myself, Carolina, and Griffin.


On the impact gaming has had on her life, Griffin says “I used to play for others, but now I play for myself. It’s something I do for fun, for me.”


For many women, including us three, it is a safe space, a place to come back to. Every time we push that power button, press start, and enter a new world, it’s just like coming home.