Why You Should Join the #ShapeTapeNation

I am lover of all things Tarte Cosmetics. I tried my first Tarte foundation a little over a year ago, and I have never looked back. Since then, I have been collecting as many new products as I can. My newest and most favorite addition: Shape Tape Concealer.

I had been dying to try this concealer since they launched it, but never actually got the chance until I found the beautiful little bottle in my stocking on Christmas Day. (Thx Santa!!!)

The wait was well worth it because I was far from disappointed. 

Shape Tape is a really versatile product. You can use it for contouring or covering up problem areas on your skin. I use it for both, and let me tell you, the first time I used it and saw my completed makeup look, I was feeling #flawless.

Let's break it down a little bit with a few of the main reasons I love Shape Tape.

The Ingredients

There are three main ingredients in Shape Tape to make it the perfect concealer for any type of use. First, it has shea butter, which helps with your skin elasticity and fights against degeneration. Second, it has a vitamin-rich mango seed butter that moisturizes, conditions, and protects your skin. And last, but not least, it has licorice root extract for color correcting and brightening the skin, especially those pesky dark circles showing our lack of sleep.

The Packaging

Shape Tape comes in a cute little lip gloss-like bottle. You unscrew the top to reveal a large applicator for great coverage. Even the design on the handle of the applicator is adorable. Seriously, what is not to love about this product?!

How Easy It Is To Use

Whether you are using it to cover up problem areas or to contour, this concealer could not be easier to use. Tarte even provides a how-to video on their website! To cover up, just dot the concealer directly onto the problem area and blend. If you are using it as a contour, you should go 1-2 shades darker and 1-2 shades lighter for a flawless highlight. Use a beauty blender to blend and you are good to go.

It is Now a Foundation!!!!!

Because of all the hype surrounding Shape Tape, Tarte FINALLY launched the new Shape Tape foundation and so far, the reviews are overwhelmingly positive. They created two formulas: matte and hydrating. This will be my next purchase from them, so stay tuned for another review of my favorite makeup brand!

Seriously, just go do yourself a favor... https://tartecosmetics.com/en_US/makeup/face/concealer/shape-tape-contou...