What Your Favorite HGTV Show Says About You

College is weird. We stop watching channels like MTV and start watching impactful channels like HGTV. Soon enough, we are obsessed. Every time you turn the TV on, HGTV is already on ready to watch. But watching that one HGTV show that is your absolute favorite can speak volumes about your specific personality traits. What does your favorite HGTV show say about you?

House Hunters

Whether it is House Hunters Renovation, House Hunters International, or simple House Hunters, you are an inspired traveler. Details throughout the show showcase special locations of the place that is featured. You may not be able to travel around the world yet, but watching House Hunters to get a glimpse will do for now.


You are a hopeless romantic. You know you honestly watch the show to keep up with the love-filled relationship of Chip and Joanna Gains. You are inspired to have a marriage like they have one day. The husband and wife team also has a thing for design and style that makes you want to renovate your entire house. One day you know you will have a house that is Chip and Joanna Gains inspired.

 Property Brothers

Jonathan and Drew Scott's good looks are enough justification as to why Property Brothers is your favorite HGTV show. With their magic to completely redesign a home as well as their perfect tag-team method, Jonathan and Drew keeps you hooked for hours on end. Not to mention they are the stars of four other programs featured on HGTV.

Flip or Flop

If you are a Flip or Flop lover, you are totally into the California lifestyle. Tarek and Christina Moussa love taking the worst properties in the best neighborhoods in California and doing whatever it takes to make them fabulous. And fabulous may be an understatement. You love how lavish Christina does everything, which inspires you to take your décor to the next step. Tarek and Christina are also real estate sharks that keeps you on your toes for how much they are willing to spend.

Beachfront Bargain Hunt

You are destined to live at the beach. Beachfront Bargain Hunt is your gateway to look at other coastal properties before you invest in your own. Getting to see other people’s process of purchasing a vacation home makes you a tad bit jealous. Although it may not be any time soon that your life on the coast starts, watching Beachfront Bargain Hunt will do until then.

Ellen’s Design Challenge

First off, you love Ellen Degeneres. Second, you love competition. Ellen’s Design Challenge is a new show to HGTV that is all about some friendly competition with some of the best designers. And of course you watch it to get a good laugh by Ellen’s humor. Each week you tune in to see who is one step closer to winning the cash prize and Ellen’s Design Challenge.


Whatever show is your favorite on HGTV, you are an inspired DIY addict. You are waiting for the day to design your own home because your college dorm or apartment just isn’t enough. Your friends may think it is strange how obsessed you are with HGTV, but you are just getting started.