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What It Means to Have a Big Heart.

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at App State chapter.


Being caring, compassionate, and wearing your emotions on your sleeve are just the start of what it means to have a big heart. Having a big heart is something that you are born with and is a result of the experiences you have been through in life. Some people think having a big heart is a blessing while others think it is a curse. It is as if those without a big heart wish they had one, and vice-versa. Having a big heart is different for everyone, but here is how I live life with a big heart:

When someone makes a sweet comment that makes people respond with “awh” and then they continue to move on with life, I am the one to stop and think about it a little longer. I am the one with the big heart who wants to think about a sad, difficult, or dangerous situation a little longer to see what I can do to fix it. Even if it does not have anything to do with how you live your life, I am typically the one with the big heart that’s wants to do something to help. Yeah, this can cause your heart to ache a little more than others, but at the end of the day, I always feel like it is worth it.

I found that having a big heart means that you are a little more emotional than others. It does not take much for you to cry. When I see someone else in pain, my heart takes the pain just as hard. I also find that having a big heart is having the ability to easily forgive. Sometimes people say that I am “too emotional,” but I think it is just my big heart taking over my mind.

You know that saying, “my heart says one thing, but my mind says another?” I’ve learned that by living with a big heart, you always listen to what your heart says, regardless of what direction it leads you. Sometimes my big heart will get me in sticky situations, but it also knows how to get me out. At the end of the day, I always listen to my heart over my mind.

It is hard to realize this, but sometimes people take advantage of you when you have a big heart. I have been in numerous situations where people take advantage of me when I give and give so much because my big heart tells me so, but they do nothing in return. No matter how many times you are taken advantage of because how compassionate you are, you are always willing to give back to others. And I always seem to let myself believe that people have just as big of heart as mine, no matter how many times people prove me wrong.

Although some may think that living with a big heart is a weakness, I count it as a blessing. I do not mean to say that if you do not have a big heart you are a cold, selfish person, but things do not affect you as much. People like this just seem to let things go faster than others. Living life with a big heart is something that I naturally embrace, and never try to change. 

Inspried journalist who loves to tell stories. Orginally from Charlotte, North Carolina.