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If you're anything like us, you plan your days around your favorite TV shows. Over the years, TV has become a large part of our lives… Even to the point where our shows are written down in our planners! And during our weekly PR meeting, we make time to talk about the latest shenanigans of our favorite characters and plot twists. Since we know we aren't alone in our emotional investment to characters’ lives, we thought we would share our thoughts on the shows that we’re currently obsessed with.
Pretty Little Liars
Is it just us or does every episode of Pretty Little Liars leave you hanging in utter suspense? We’re always left with the question of ‘A’s identity and each week never fails in adding suspense. In this week’s episode, ‘A’ finds a new person to terrorize: Mona. ‘A’ puts Mona in a compromising position by blackmailing her to release the photo of Hanna's mom and the detective to the police or keep quiet to save face with Hanna. Now, everyone is dealing with their own 'A' issues. Hanna is trying to protect Caleb by hacking into his computer to delete files, protect the secret that dwells in their household with the lasagna box, and trying to outsmart 'A.' Spencer faces her sister Melissa for the first time in a while (Hell froze over apparently) and also faces an awkward drunk make out sesh with Wren (Toby who?). Emily is caught at a fork in the road in dealing with MIA Maya. Does she let her go and keep her morals? Or does she throw them out the window? Last weeks episode ended with ‘A’ tipping off Aria's dad about her whereabouts with Ezra. After getting cold feet and being offered the job in New Orleans, Aria breaks down and confesses to her mom....who is willing to try to understand their relationship (!!!!!) Just when things are getting good, we realize there are only three more episodes until we find out who ‘A’ really is. Are you ready?

Gossip Girl

There is never a shortage of drama when it comes to living on the Upper East Side. While Chuck is seeking revenge on Dan, (remember the kiss between Blair and Dan?) Blair is dealing with her true feelings, which clearly reside with Dan. Ivy was finally caught in the act and her true identity was revealed (I knew it was only a matter of time!). Meanwhile, Blair and Serena have had a surplus or awkward encounters lately since they both have feelings for Dan. And Blair kissing him (multiple times) makes for an awkward morning in their shared bathroom. Blair must be at least a 10 on the emotional scale in this week’s episode. From having her best friend lie to her to finding out Ivy isn't really Serena’s cousin (Lola is) Blair has a lot going on. Chuck is always the highlight of the episodes for me, especially since he is back to his usual trickery. After seducing Dan's agent and sending off Dan's manuscript without reading it, he returns to the good boy we've come to know and love and tells the publishing company not to punish Dan. That is until Gossip Girl sends Chuck an email revealing it was Dan who sent the video blast out that broke up Blair’s wedding. What will Chuck do next? Revenge is so sweet. The episode ends with Ivy looking up Georgina's number. What could these two bad girls possibly have up their sleeves? Until next time, you know you love me. XOXO


How I Met Your Mother
This episode was a heart breaker for all you Ted/Robin-shippers out there. The episode began where last week left off: Ted confessing his love to a recently single and sad Robin. Robin then is rushed off to Russia for work leaving Ted to think about the recent developments in his life. This show began with Ted and Robin’s relationship ending after a year because they didn’t see a future together, but here we are five years later and they are both single, so why not give it another shot? Meanwhile, Barney is on a mission to find Marshall and Lily’s alleged sex tape but instead finds something more worthwhile: a box full of long term bets! In order to keep their relationship interesting, Marshall and Lily have been placing bets on their friends for years now, including whether Ted and Robin will end up together. Although it doesn’t seem like Ted and Robin are a perfect match, it does seem like there is hope for a Barney and Robin reunion. Then again, it looks like next week we see the return of Quinn, the girl who caught Barney’s eye but saw right through his BS.

Oh. My. Glee!  Let me just say that this episode was a whirlwind of emotions compared to the lack luster episodes this season.  Regionals are upon us, which can only mean great songs, group numbers… and blackmail??? Sebastian from The Warblers has taken this season by storm and is now resorting to blackmail to insure that New Directions does not win.  However, the episode took a turn for the real world when ex-bully Karofsky tries to take his own life.  This is a reality check for both show choirs and they decide to compete in honor of Karofsky.  On a side note, Finn and Rachel have moved up their wedding and are now planning on getting hitched right after the competition.  The performances were great and meaningful, as per usual.  Thank goodness New Directions took home the win and we will be heading to Nationals again!  Nevertheless, spring is nearing, which means American Idol and a lack of Glee until April 10th, but they sure went out with a bang, literally! The episode ended with a, what seemed to be, horrific car accident leaving viewers (like myself) with their jaws dropped and dreading the next seven weeks.

One Tree Hill

I cannot believe it has been nine seasons since One Tree Hill began, but we now find ourselves halfway through the last season. They are pulling out all the stops for this last season and keeping us on our toes. This week we saw the epic return of Lucas Scott—who we all know and love—but I have to say, what was with that hair do? Seriously! Sadly, there was no return of Peyton, but there were a couple of brief mentions of her and their daughter, Sawyer. Lucas’ return was short lived as he just came back to pick up Jamie and Lydia as Haley continues to deal with Nathan’s disappearance. Dan is also using all of his resources to find his son as well. On the other end of Tree Hill, Brooke gets a blast from the past when her former attacker, Xavier, is up for parole.  In a passionate speech, Brooke says that she doesn’t think Xavier has changed and she does not forgive him. The show ended with a free Xavier creepily looking through the window at Karen’s café. If you have or haven’t seen the preview for next week, we should all tune in to what looks to be the heart-wrenching conclusion to the Nathan saga and let me just say, I will be furious if Nathan dies.

That’s it for our TV obsession recap! Now, get to watching! 

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