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Trust The Process: Sorority Recruitment


I know how hard it can be; your Rho Gammas, along with everybody else around you, are telling you to trust this “process” that is formal sorority recruitment. Yet, it seems as if there was ever a process not to trust, it would be recruitment. In your mind, you probably already have three organizations that you are hoping to run home to on bid day, maybe even one organization that you have your heart set on. Hear me out; actually going through recruitment rounds changes everything. 

Most likely, you are going to walk out of rounds feeling the sting of a painfully awkward conversation. You will also walk out of rounds with an elated heart, absolutely obsessing over the girl you just talked to. There is really no way of predicting which of these feelings you will have for an organization until you actually go through the process. Sure, the sorority you think you want may have an aesthetically pleasing Instagram and you may know a few members from your hometown, but this does not necessarily mean that this is where you are destined to be. Remember, through this seemingly peculiar process, everyone and I mean everyone ends up in the right place. 

You will see girls in tears during recruitment, facing a broken heart after the organization who they absolutely adored did not invite them back. If this is you, that is totally understandable, but do NOT give up on finding your true home. Remember that this is a mutual selection process, and in a recruitment system where everything is based on values, you want to be somewhere that sees in you what you see in them. Aligning with the values of a sorority is the essential building block for an amazing sisterhood, not the many myths that spread during recruitment. These myths can include anything from hearing one organization is only taking girls with a certain hair color or that there are secret hand signals active members make during a round to signal that you are going to get dropped. Do not fall for these ridiculous lies, and make recruitment your own thing. No one has to know about your personal process except for you. It is so easy to be influenced by a roommate also going through recruitment or maybe an older sister who is already an active member. Do not let anyone make these decisions for you.

Best of luck to everyone in recruitment! Bid Day is so exciting. 

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