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Trends I saw at the Lana Del Rey concert that I’m bringing into Fall 2023

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It’s a warm Friday night at the Charlotte PNC Music Pavilion, the crowd is buzzing with excitement as the sun goes down behind the stage. The lights turn purple, a single chord plays, and the entire amphitheater screams in excitement. The rich, deep voice of Lana Del Rey echoes over the sea of ribbons and bows, young and old, as the crowd sings along. Truly the closest thing to heaven I can imagine. 

On Sept. 29, I was fortunate enough to be in the presence of Lana Del Rey during her ten-date tour for her album Did you know that there’s a tunnel under Ocean Blvd. She performed a beautiful hour-and-a-half setlist accompanied by background dancers, a live band, and backing singers, all working hard to make the show as beautiful as possible, but it didn’t stop there. Looking out into the rest of the audience, I noticed the influence of Lana Del Rey reflected on the fans in the form of lanacore

What is Lanacore?

Urban Dictionary defines lanacore as “an aesthetic that is reminiscent of Lana Del Rey music.” Themes of cherries, coke, and America repeat throughout Lana Del Rey’s discography, but how does that translate to a whole aesthetic? Melding together with ballet core, lanacore has taken the form of dainty dresses, blue jeans, and an almost 1950s-esque aesthetic, heavy with shades of red and sweetheart necklines. You can almost see how Lana’s music has influenced this trend. Her elegant voice contrasted with her raw, real-life lyrics create a sensitive, feminine atmosphere that can be easily replicated using 2023 trends. 

So of course, being Lana Del Rey fans, the audience was inspired by lanacore with their concert outfits. Here are some trends I noticed in the crowd: 


Bows in hair, bows on dresses, bows on boots, bows everywhere! It was the accessory that first stuck out to me at the concert. Just about everyone was wearing bows. It’s the perfect accessory for when you need to add a little more femininity to your outfit, and of course, it’s so lanacore. The most popular way I saw them styled was at the end of braids, adding a pop of color to a white dress or jean jacket. Mostly in the crowd, the bow colors were in shades of pink or red, but any color will make your outfit stand out. If you want your bow to be even more unique, tie one around your neck as a necklace, making sure the ribbons are long enough to *tie* the outfit together. 

Cowboy Boots

Or as I like to call them, cowgirl boots, for the girlies. It’s not a secret that cowgirl boots are taking over the concert style. From country to Lana, cowgirl boots are the perfect concert footwear, that is, if you’ve broken them in already. A little more sophisticated than the average white sneaker, and just as comfortable, they can make your outfit stand out in the sea of brown Chelsea boots that I’m sure we will see this fall. If you really want to emphasize your Lana Del Rey aesthetic, tie some bows on the pull straps of your boots. 

Statement Necklaces

No, not the cyan and gold statement necklace that you bought from Charming Charlies in 2012. Statement necklaces are back in 2023, but taking a new form with single pendants instead of twenty, and ribbons instead of chains. Almost anything can be put on these necklaces, but I noticed mostly silver pendants in either heart or swirly-type shapes. Just like bows, these statement necklaces are very customizable, with a plethora of shapes, sizes, and colors online, you can find the perfect necklace to go with your sweaters this fall. 

Ballet Flats

One of my favorite trends this year has to be ballet flats. They are such a nice break from the decade of sneaker trends behind us, not to mention they are so cute and dainty. The classic, which I saw a lot of Lana Del Rey fans wear, is the flat, round toes black ballet flat. These flats can go with just about anything. A great way to wear any ballet flats is with straight-legged jeans and your favorite top, adding a classy touch to a comfortable outfit. 

As the concert came to a close and Lana Del Rey was dragged off stage (yes, dragged), I felt the first wave of post-concert depression hit me. Lana Del Rey’s music, and the lanacore aesthetic, however, left an indelible mark on my heart and wardrobe. As we step into Fall 2023, let us carry a creative elegance and nostalgia that pays homage to Lana Del Rey’s unique aura. In this autumn season, let lanacore-chic guide your style, reminding us that music and fashion have the power to create moments that are truly heavenly.

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