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Things I Did Over Winter Break That Helped Me Get to the Spring Semester

Coming home for break, I didn’t expect it to last as long as it did. Being the last break of my college career, it seemed to last so long, and end so quickly at the same time. I kept myself very busy over break unlike most of my previous Winter Breaks before, so here is a list of things that kept me ready to go once it was time to get back to class.

Getting a Squishmellow

All I really have to say about this one is that, I get it now. I had never owned one before break and now I completely understand the hype. I have a 24-inch unicorn and an 8-inch pegasus and whenever I feel sad I just give them a big ol’ hug. I almost feel like I'm reverting back to my Pillow Pets phase as a kid, but these two friends will definitely be coming back with me to campus for emotional support.

Making a Car Diorama

Part one of my crafting phase starts here. Does anyone else remember that really cute TikTok trend where people would make dioramas in the glove box of their car? Just me? Well, I remember how stinking cute it was, and wanted to recreate the cow pastures and disco glove boxes I had seen. Except, I actually use my glove box for important car documents, so instead I put one into the center console of my car.

I made a tiny little garden with little trees, unicorns -- are you sensing a pattern yet? -- and dragons and I do not regret it at all. I made it removable on a piece of cardboard so that if I need to sell my car, I can just take it out, but every time I get in the car, I always check to see that my little guys are there. Seriously, it’s so cute and I would absolutely recommend it if you have some unused space compartments in your vehicle.

Making a Gundam

Part two of my crafting phase. Yes you heard me right, I’m a total nerd, but I got a small, 5-inch Gundam and built my first one for Christmas. If you’ve ever had doubts about whether or not you can do it, just do it! It was so fun and only took around two days to complete, and now I have an incredible figurine that I can say that I built myself!

Getting a Haircut

Although I technically didn’t cut it myself, I finally got a haircut after a year of living in times of COVID. I haven’t cut my hair in over a year, and I went for a huge chop, cutting off over twelve inches. I’ve had long hair for around five years now, so to see myself in a brand new way, and a little bit lighter was so so rewarding.

However, all good things must come to an end, and my final semester along with many other seniors is upon me. It was fun while it lasted, and I feel refreshed and ready to take on my last semester of undergrad. I hope to continue taking care of myself as I study and graduate, and I encourage my fellow seniors to do the same.

Caroline is a senior English major at Appalachian State University concentrating in Film Studies with a minor in Theatre Arts. After she graduates in the spring of 2021, Caroline hopes to either work abroad teaching English as a second language, in the American school system or artistically to pursue creative writing. Caroline has been a member of HerCampus App State since 2019. Along with being its 2020 - 2021 Campus Correspondent, she has also held the positions of Senior Editor, Social Media Director, and was a part of the Campus Trendsetter Program.
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