'That's So Raven' Returns to Disney Channel

Who remembers whatching That’s So Raven as a kid? Well, good news! It’s coming back with its own spin off!

The unnamed That’s So Raven spin off (currently being called That’s So Raven II) was confirmed last week by Raven Symone, who played the main character, Raven Baxter in the original series. She announced that she will be leaving her co-hosting role on The View before the end of this year to begin executive production on the spin-off.

The show is still in the extremely early stages and, as Symone mentioned on The View, they have not even begun casting yet. Symone’s former co-star Orlando Brown (Eddie) has not been invited to return to the show yet and has taken to social media, complaining that there can’t be a spin-off without him.

Brown has recently been in a lot of legal trouble when he was arrested for allegedly abusing his girlfriend a few months ago. He has also not been on the best terms with Symone since early this year when he claimed that he had been having a romantic relationship with Symone and she had gotten pregnant and aborted the baby (an accusation which turned out to be false). With That’s So Raven II planning to be a family show much like the original, it is likely that the role of Eddie will be recast with someone without Brown's baggage.

Because the show is still in the first stages, there is no release date yet, but be sure to keep your eyes on Disney Channel in late 2017 for possible announcements of an air date for the show.