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Tapping In: 5 Ways to Embrace Your Feminine Energy

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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at App State chapter.

As we celebrate Women’s History Month, it is important to recognize and appreciate all that it means to be a woman. This month is dedicated to honoring the contributions of women’s accomplishments in history as well as current times. 

When thinking about what makes women so powerful, it can be embracing everything that comes with being a woman and tapping into our feminine energy. First, let’s discuss the difference between masculine and feminine energy. With feminine energy, intuitive feeling and creativity are commonplace. Feminine energy tends to be free-flowing and is not bound by rules or social norms. With masculine energy, competitiveness and logic are commonplace. 

Femininity represents knowing, whereas masculinity represents knowledge, according to Silvia Salow from Thrive Global. “The knowledge is static with precise dimensions and exact design, while knowing is forever changing. It’s not a level of knowledge to be achieved because once you get there, it opens new responsibilities and thus inspires you to grow further.”

Here are five ways to help embrace your feminine energy, this month and beyond.

  1. Journaling Your Emotions

Naturally, women are much more in tune with their feelings and this can be a beautiful thing to experience. Oftentimes, I find myself overwhelmed by my feelings and sometimes even discouraged by them, but there are also a good amount of times when I am thankful for the moments where I feel overwhelming amounts of joy and gratefulness for the people around me and the opportunities I have been given in my lifetime. I think that although women face a lot of intense emotions, it can be so beautiful to let them flow out onto paper so that we can reflect at a later date.

  1. Dance and Yoga

Whether it is graceful or not, dancing is a great way to embrace your feminine energy. When we get our bodies moving, it can be a great release of negative energy. Dancing around my room to my favorite song when I should be making edits or working on an assignment feels so freeing to me. As a woman, nothing is worse than feeling trapped, so yoga can help set intentions and focus on the present moment rather than what is to come. 

  1. Surround Yourself with Other Women

At this stage in my life, female friendships have proved to be the most comforting to me. Women share a lot of the same struggles and can relate to each other in many ways. When I’m with my girlfriends or even guy friends that embrace more feminine energy, I feel more relaxed, understood and comforted. 

  1. Practice Self-care and Compassion

Self-care and compassion for ourselves and others can go a long way. While masculine energy is more associated with always moving and always doing, feminine energy is more focused on staying still in the present moment. It’s important to take time to tune into how our body is feeling, whether it is physically, mentally, or emotionally. When we have compassion for ourselves, we can also open ourselves up to have compassion for others as well.

  1. Feminine Energy Does Not Have to Clash with Masculine Energy

Every human being has both feminine and masculine energies within them already regardless of which they identify with more. Don’t feed into the stereotypes of masculinity and femininity, but align yourself with whatever makes you feel the most confident. 

Madison Lipe

App State '23

Hi! I'm a senior journalism major here at App State with a minor in marketing. I'm from Denver, NC, which is a suburb outside of Charlotte, NC. I enjoy writing lifestyle pieces and I've been writing for HerCampus for three years.