Striving to be Different: Meet Colin Tate

Stepping on to Appalachian State’s campus a little over three years ago, Colin Tate did not imagine he would still be here today. Today, as a senior journalism major, Colin could not imagine life without this university.

At first, Colin had his eyes set on the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. After growing up going to Saturday football games with his parents, who both went to Chapel Hill, Colin thought is was destined for him to end up there. After being denied acceptance, Colin found his home at Appalachian State University.

Colin has made the most out of his time here. Colin is a sports writer for The Appalachian. He also works for the First Baptist Church of Boone, located next to the library. Colin serves as the collegiate ministry intern and the congregational intern.

Colin works weekly to host youth bible study, Sunday school, and other events for college students. One of the most popular events he is a part of is the free lunch to college students every Tuesday provided by the First Baptist Church.

Colin enjoys the little things in everyday life, like spending time with friends and watching Green Bay Packers football. He knew the exact date he became a Packers fan. “Superbowl 1997, I was two-years old,” Colin said. He admitted that he became a Packers fan because they won the Superbowl that year and he wanted to cheer for the winning team. Since then, his loyalty has remained with the Green Bay Packers.

In recent years, Colin said he has been, “forced to grow up.” On Christmas Eve, 2014, his best friend died in a car accident. Ashanie Russell was Colin’s best friend since middle school. “I had to deal with death head on,” Colin said. He has felt like he has been surrounded by death since then. Colin’s grandmother and other close friends have also passed away. He was open to talk about such a difficult part in his life because that is what he said makes him the person he is today.

But when reflecting over his college years, Colin discovered a driving force through it all. “I pride myself on being the opposite of stereotypical,” Colin said. He strives to be different than any other person you have met. Colin said that he doesn’t want to be defined by cultural norms, or much less of anything. Colin lives every day being himself, not trying to impress anyone, and doing what makes him happy. “I want people to remember me as Colin,” he said.

Appalachian State is the perfect place to be your own person and Colin is the perfect example!