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Stephen McKinney ’14

Name: Stephen McKinney
Age: 20
Class: Junior
Major: Global Studies
Relationship Status: Taken

Q: If you’re not in class, what are you doing?
A: Eating, sleeping, or playing Nintendo 64 with friends.

Q: What traits do you look for in a girl?
A: Typically I look for a girl with a southern background, preferably from Alabama, who enjoys live music and Mexican food.

Q: What’s your number one played song on iTunes?
A: Surgeon by St. Vincent

Q: Who’s your celebrity crush?
A: Derek Jeter

Q: What’s your biggest turn on?
A: A radiant smile

Q: Biggest turn off?
A: A radiant republican

Q: What is on your bucket list before graduation?
A: To make love on the quiet floor of the Belk Library

Q: Where do you see yourself in ten years?
A: It’s hard to know, I can only hope I’ll be surrounded by people I deeply care for, with a PBR in hand.

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