Spring Trends to Look Out For in 2016


Changes in season always come with a change in styles, and those styles differ from year to year. There are certain fashion rules you are supposed to follow, like not wearing white pants before Easter and only wearing seersucker in the Spring and Summer. 

With new trends and changing styles, it can get really expensive to keep your wardrobe up to date. As colliegettes, most of us are balling on a budget when it comes to our stock of clothes, but there are so many different things you can do with just a few essential pieces. 

All a trendy colliegette really needs in her Spring wardrobe is this: something floral, something pastel, something neutral, and some white pants. With these few essentials, you can make a lot of different outfits, and most importantly, it won’t hurt your wallet.

To decide what kinds of closet staples you need, here are a few trends that are predicted to be huge this season.

Trend 1: Floral patterns.

Floral patterns have flooded Pinterest as one of the most popular trends coming up for Spring and Summer. Whether it be a floral skirt, pants, or even shorts, there are so many different ways to pair this print with something simple. If you find a floral bottom that you love, simply pick out an accent color from the pattern and find a top in that color. A neutral color ensures that you can wear it with anything else you have in your closet, whether it be plain jean shorts, or another brighter colored skirt. 

If you want to go for a floral top, there are also plenty of options there. You could get a nice blouse or tank and pair it with those staple white pants, or even a jean short or capri. Another really popular look is a floral kimono. Pair it with neutral pants and an accent color shirt or tank underneath, and you have a perfect Spring outfit. 

Trend 2: Pastels.

Since it isn’t Summer yet, bright colors can be a little too much if you don’t wear them the right way. Since it is risky, according to those pesky rules, you can never go wrong with a soft pastel color. It can be the centerpiece of your outfit, or just an accent with accessories. 

If you want to have the pastel as the centerpiece, go for a nice sheer top with a neutral bottom, or vice versa with a neutral top and pastel bottoms. 

Pastel accessories are where you can have the most fun. A neutral outfit can be dressed up or down with a statement necklace or a cute handbag. You can even use your shoes as an accessory to a neutral outfit. 

Trend 3: Neutral with a pop of color.

If you are wondering what neutral means in terms of fashion, it is a black, denim, brown, or white, something you can wear absolutely anything with. A really cute way to dress up a neutral outfit for a presentation, interview or an internship is to add a bright piece to make it pop.

While I did state that bright colors aren't the move for Spring, it is okay if it is a smaller accessory, like a handbag or a statement necklace. As long as it isn’t the centerpiece or main focus of the outfit, it is a really cute way to personalize an outfit.

Trend 4: The trusty white pants.

Now that Easter is over, white pants are up for grabs! They are so versatile and can be worn with absolutely anything, so the outfit possibilities are endless. Dress them down with a comfy, colorful, patterned top, or dress it up with a fancy button down. 

Don’t think we forgot about the comfy side of life, because there are some awesome trends in that department as well.

Cotton maxi skirts are great for a Spring day when you want to look cute, but still be comfortable. They are light and cool, so if it is a hot Spring day, you won’t be sweating. 

Drawstring, cuffed jogger pants are also a really big hit this year. If you are on the go, it is nice to have the cuff at the bottom of the pants so if you are a little shorter, the bottom won’t drag on the ground and get frayed and dirty. They are also a really comfortably alternative to leggings and yoga pants if you do not like how tight the leggings are.

One more comfy option all depends on how hot or cold the Springs are where you live. A thin, slouchy cardigan is a really good way to stay comfortable, and it really pulls an outfit together.










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