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Spring is just around the corner which means warmer days, blooming flowers, and new looks emerging in the fashion world. Here are a few fashion pieces that I think are continuing on from last Summer and Spring or making a new arrival this coming Spring. As I’ve mentioned with a few items listed below, you can find a lot of these things at Target or Old Navy.

Denim Jacket

  • The denim jacket is once again making its way back in style and I’ve already seen it appear in Old Navy’s spring line for this year. You honestly can’t go wrong with adding a denim jacket to your outfit. 


  • Last summer and spring we saw fringe making its way in pocketbooks, as well as tops, but lately I’ve seen more fringe on the bottoms of pants and I have to say I am loving it. I have also seen these pants available at Old Navy. 

High-Waisted Pants

  • These high-waisted pants remind me a lot of the romper craze (which is still a thing) and I think they are a perfect pick for a day on the job or a tour through the winery. The tie-able bow at the waist of the pants is also such a cute addition. 



  • Whether you are entering the job field or are not quite ready for that transition into flip flops, loafers are such a cute addition to any outfit, casual or formal attire. 


  • These shoes seemed to really start to make an appearance last Summer, however, I think they are a going to be even bolder this Spring into the Summer. Whether they are a thick or skinny wedge, you can pull these off with jeans or dresses, and they seem way more comfy than a heel if you are feeling fancy.  

Flowy Tops 

  • Warmer weather calls for flowy tops, these can be with ruffles, off the shoulder, but especially with flowers being they are in bloom. 

One Piece Bathing Suits

  • These swimsuits really started to become popular last Summer, but I think they will continue to make statements on the beach even more this Spring and Summer. In my opinion, a one piece bathing suit is just as sexy as a two piece! Target is a great place to seek out one pieces! 

Workout Clothing

  • Even if you’re not going to the gym, workout clothing has become a fashion category of its own and I’m all for it. The comfier the better when it comes to fashion, am I right?!


  • One of my favorite latest fashion trends is the statement earrings, tassels are EVERYTHING.


  • Stripes have always been a thing, but they always seem to come out more in the Spring time. 


  • Pastels just seem to be the colors of Spring, but especially the color lavender. Lavender is just so pleasing to the eye whether you wear a dress in the color or a top. 

T-Shirts With Quotes

  • Whether your tee makes a statement about your personality or something you’re passionate about, it’s too cute not to sport it on a t-shirt this spring.

Macramé, Crochet, & Wicker

  • In reference to Macramé, it has been a DIY trend that has been entering homes lately, but I think it is continuing into the fashion world, specifically in pocketbooks. 






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