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SPRING BREAK: The Acronym That Cures Hangovers

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at App State chapter.

Listen, Her Campus is a judge free zone. We get it, you went a little crazy last night. So what if you were on the table screaming “Shake it off” at 3:30 this morning? You do you girl, you do you. However, we are here for you, because no one gets to “shake off” a night like that….sorry T.Swift, (except the super lucky girls who we totally hate).

So, in case your head is pounding and you don’t want to spend a day in bed, here is the SPRING BREAK way to cure a hangover.

S-TART your morning by drinking as much water as possible. When you’re drinking, you’re constantly going to the bathroom (Don’t break the seal!). Whether you knew it, alcohol is a diuretic, and can really dehydrate you. According to Professor Oliver James of Newcastle University, “It acts on the kidneys to make you pee out much more than you take in.” So go grab some water, and hydrate.

P-OTASSIUM found in Bananas can replenish some of the nutrients that your body left behind last night. If you’re not a huge banana fan and can’t stand the thought of stomaching one when you’re hungover, blend one into a fruit smoothie with fresh berries or other fruit, and head back out to the beach with some sunglasses and a cute umbrella in your glass. Rock your hangover in style!

R-EAL fruit juice can bring your blood sugar back up to par, and replenish electrolytes as well. Try to find real, fresh fruit juices with natural sugars and stay away from over processed juices. If you’re not a fan of super sugary sports drinks like Gatorade or Powerade, this is the route for you! Try to make your own juice, if you have a juicer on hand, by mixing berries, apples, and some yummy greens to get back to feeling better.

I-CE, use an ice compress on your aching head. If your hangover is bad enough to keep you from a day of spring break activities, try to rest for a bit with a covered ice pack on your head. It sounds silly, but ice in a bag can soothe the sensation of a “sore” forehead area.

N-OODLE SOUP of any kind is wonderful for a nasty day after headache. By now you’ve probably noticed that a reoccurring theme in this “hangover” business is the replenishing of electrolytes. Soup is a great way to not only restore electrolytes but warm liquids are also known to easy a bubbly tummy. Be careful and watch the sodium content in your soup–you still want to look cute on the beach tomorrow and not super bloated from the salt.

G-INGER, a known remedy for seasickness and nausea, can be just the trick to putting that next day queasiness to an end. Drink gingerale, or brew ginger tea for instant relief. You can also buy ginger tablets at drugstores.

B-REAKFAST, it’s important to put something in your stomach to replenish your body’s depleated vitamins and minerals. Don’t skip breakfast, even if you think you couldn’t possibly take a bite of food.

R-ARE STEAK contains iron, zinc, B12, and many other essential nutrients for your body in large amounts. It provides a mass amount of protein and can help you rev up your engine and get started after an initial morning slump. Steak for breakfast is ideal because it’s spring break and when else do you get to be pampered like this?

E-GGS are not only easily digested, but they are also full of protein. Because they’re high in cysteine, eggs can soak up remaining toxins from alcohol that are resonating in the body. (Best paired with a rare steak as seen above!)

A-LKA-SELTZER contains sodium bicarbonate that allows the bubbling stomach acid to neutralize. It also contains asprin which can stop a bad headache.

K-ALE thrown into a delicious smoothie can restore your bodies pH levels and restore electrolytes. Check out a great recipe here


Jordan is a Freshman at Appalachian State working a degree in Communications and Public Relations. She's a member of the Theta-Nu chapter of Alpha Phi, and currently serves as the Director of Target Membership Marketing for the chapter. Jordan is an intern newsdesk reporter at The Appalachian campus paper. In her free time, she loves being lazy with the gent, Lee, and their puppies; Macey, Jack, and Ruby. Her dream job is to be a News Anchor.