Spots In the Library: End of Semester Edition

The semester is starting to come to a wrap. This means the time where the library is probably most definitely over capacity and you can’t find anywhere to sit is upon us.

Belk Library is a wonderful place on campus, and unfortunately, the only place people seem to be able to study or procrastinate (I’m looking at you second floor).  While space can be limited there are some tips for getting (if you’re lucky) a four person table with plugs or even a comfy chair that you hopefully won’t pass out in.

Book a Study Room

This may seem like a pretty obvious tip, but booking a room a week or two in advance before you have a big presentation, group project or paper due can be helpful when the ability to find space isn’t guaranteed.


Come Early or Late

The best way to get a place to sit involves depriving yourself of sleep in some shape or form. If you know you’re gonna be camped out for hours on end, a solution is to either go to early super early (like 8 a.m.). Alternatively, going at like 9 or 10 p.m. also allows you to hopefully get parking and the later you stay, the more the library clears out and opens up tables to the night owl students.


Go on Fridays, Saturdays or early Sunday

No one wants to sit in the library for hours on the weekend, but sometimes that’s what’s gotta happen. It’ll be slightly less crowded than a typical Tuesday or something. Sure it’s Saturday afternoon, but hey, getting that paper done without having to curl up on the library floor because there aren’t any tables or seats is worth it.


·Have Awesome (Studious) Friends

We all have friends who live at the library. Actually, you’re not even sure if you’ve seen them leave all semester except to get coffee from The Wired Scholar. These are the people you text when you go to the library because you know they have to have a seat. They become saints during the last few weeks of the semester because you can rely on them for a spot to study.



Sometimes life is hard and you can’t do any of these things, so you just gotta walk to the library and pray to every deity you know of in hopes by the grace of some higher power you can find a table.