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Sorority Recruitment 101

Recruitment is one of the most exciting, if not the most exciting, times of the year for sororities. It is the time of the year where they are constantly on the lookout to see who will be handling the future of their sorority. As a potential new member of a sorority, it is okay to be nervous about going through recruitment. People on the other side are just as nervous as well! Here is the 411 about going through recruitment to lighten up the nerves a little bit!

Conversation is key during recruitment parties. You will suddenly be faced with someone you have never met before and forced to have a conversation with them. How to avoid awkwardness? Be yourself, smile, and stay positive. Do not use foul language while having conversation and stay away from subjects such as drugs and alcohol. The conversation will come natural if you stay true to yourself.  While holding conversation, do not trash talk any other sorority or Greek Life in general.  Stay positive by talking about things that you enjoy doing and things from your past that make you smile. Smiling is a comfort that allows you to easily connect with people.

Keep an open mind. It is hard not to take thing personally if you don’t get invited back to a particular sorority. However, don’t. Do not feel down if your friend gets invited back into another round and you don’t. Constantly keep an open mind and you will end up in the sorority that fits you naturally.

Prepared before. Go ahead and pick out an outfit for each round. If you want to send pictures of your outfit choices to your RHO Gamma, they would love it! You feel better when you are wearing something you love as well as feel comfortable in. Do not feel the need to go out and buy 4 new outfits for every round. However, dress to impress! Pick out your favorite articles of clothing and you will feel great!

Come prepared. Sorority recruitment involves long hours that can be tiring. Come prepared by packing a bottle of water and a couple snacks. In between parties run and get some brain food so you are ready for the next party. Don’t forget to pack the extra deodorant and mints! It is never a bad idea to reapply the deodorant once or twice during the day. Make sure you are always staying fresh because space can be tight at times!

While going through recruitment, ignore all reputations you have heard about certain sororities. Have an open mind at all times and it will come natural to fall into the right sorority for you. It is also okay to keep notes throughout recruitment. Write down any feelings that you felt after visiting a certain sorority. These notes may come in handy while making an important decision later in recruitment. The most important thing during sorority recruitment is to have fun. Recruitment is a time to find the group of people you want to share your college experiences with. Therefore, do whatever it takes to have fun while going through recruitment and make lots of new friends! 

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