So Which Beloved Character Died This Time on The Walking Dead?

It's almost time for what all Walking Dead fans have been waiting for! Season 7 premiers Sunday, October 23, and judging by the trailer, shit's going to go down! But the biggest question of all is: who did Negan kill?

The Walking Dead season 6 ended with a cliffhanger as Negan, the new villain, lined up Rick and his people to teach them a lesson, and to give them some payback for killing his men. Negan declares that one of them is going to die. He then slowly picks his victim, but just as he's about to kill whoever it is, the episode ends.

So much excitement is being built up for the season 7 premier because fans want to know who dies! Yeah, we know, it's The Walking Dead. Characters die in like every episode. We know we shouldn't get too attached to the characters because the writers break our hearts every season by killing off fan favorite after fan favorite. They even killed off Everybody Hates Chris! (Well, the actor who plays him.) Nonetheless, we're still on the edge of our seats trying to figure out which one of our beloved characters died.

The season 7 trailer came out last week, but gave very few clues as to who Negan's victim is.

It can't be Carl, right? He's made it this far. The kid has already had to kill his mother and lose an eye. Hasn't he been trough enough?

Eugene is too precious for this world. He can barely survive as is, he couldn't handle Negan's rein. We can't split up Daryl and Carol. Daryl already lost Beth. He can't lose Carol too!

I'm not even going to put it out into the universe that it may be Daryl.

Michonne is too much of a badass. She just got together with Rick too. It's too early to break up that romance.

Haven't Maggie and Glenn been through enough already? It seems like every episode they're about to be torn apart. Maggie's pregnant, and Negan wouldn't kill a pregnant woman, would he? Glenn sure isn't going to let that happen without a fight.

Glenn almost died in season 6, so after all that the writers wouldn't kill him off now, would they? They did receive some harsh criticism from critics for not killing Glenn off, so maybe they're trying to make up for that?

From the trailer, we already know it's not Rick, but what happens to him at the end of the trailer? Rumors say more than one person dies during the premier, so what if it's Rick!?

So who will it be? What about Aaron, Rosita, Abraham, or Sasha? Could they fall victim to The Walking Dead?

This is a show where anybody can die at any time, so it's impossible to guess who's a goner. The writers will kill off a main character without hesitation. Or it could be a minor character that Negan kills. Or another beloved character could die later on in the episode. There's no way of knowing as the staff keeps everything very hush hush, even to the point of filming multiple scenes with different scenarios so spoilers aren't leaked.

"I imagine a lot of people will be kicking their television sets," Norman Reedus (who plays fan favorite Daryl) told Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show. "It's heavy, it's really, really heavy."

God, please don't let it be someone we love.Tune in Sunday, October 23, at 9pm on AMC to find out who was on the opposite end of Negan's bat!