Snakes Make Great Pets... Change My Mind

If you read the title of this article, then you probably already know my opinion on snakes. Not all snakes are bad, I have a wonderful snephew after all (snake nephew). But whenever I bring up my snakey boy in conversation, I always get a wide variety of reactions. So today, I’m going to dispell any myths, rumors or ill-will you may have heard about snakes, and why they actually make great companions.


  1. I only want to say this once, but snakes are NOT slimy. They are reptiles, not amphibians, and thus have no reason or desire to create bodily mucus. If your snake is sweaty, that is not a happy snake.



  1. It is illegal in most states to own a venomous snake, and in others to even own one without a permit. No one should be owning dangerous animals unless they are equipped to do so.



  1. Snakes like warm hugs! Unlike humans, who are endothermic, snakes are ectothermic and get their body heat from outside sources. So expect many cuddle sessions with your snake friend, they aim for the warmest place possible!



  1. Snakes are highly low maintenance pets. Most breeds only require feeding once a week (depending on your snake friend) and pass solid waste once a month. They are also nocturnal for all you night owls out there, so you only have to worry about your snake friend being active during the night time.



  1. Fun fact, snakes can have a wide variety of personalities! Once they get out of their shell and used to their home environment, you can really start to notice their own, snakey persona. Some snakes are friendly and outgoing, maybe shy and curious, or even a little frisky! You can tell the difference between climbers and burrowers too.



  1. Snake friends don’t get separation anxiety. Blame it on the lizard brain, but they definitely won’t mind as much as Fluffy if you’re gone for a while. Just make sure you are socializing your snake!



  1. You might feel a bit silly buying your snake new toys; a new rock, a fake plant, or even a castle from the aquatic section of your local pet store for him to wriggle around in. But snakes actually really enjoy the thought! Spice up your snake’s terrarium with new boxes or toys to spike their curiosity, he will certainly be interested in the change!



While all of these facts are fun, it is always important to do your research before purchasing a snake friend. A pet of any kind is a huge commitment, and snakes are no different. Depending on the breed and level of care of the reptile, snakes can live upwards of 20 years! Whether they are a ball python, hognose, or corn snake, be prepared for a long and happy friendship with your snake, and always talk to a professional before deciding if snakes are the right pet for you.


Some great places to start are conventions like Repticon in Raleigh, NC, or professional breeders outside of brand name stores like Petsmart or Petco. Just be prepared to love your snake as much as you are prepared to take care of it.