Registering For Classes: AKA The Real Hunger Games

Registering for classes is probably one of the most stressful ten minutes of every semester. I would know I just signed up for my last semester of college....(Send help) You have to meet with your advisor which, you know they never have time to do. You have to look up your classes CRN numbers before hand if you even want a chance to get in them. (That's a pro tip for the Freshman who do it the hard way) and 95% of the time you don't get in everything you need or want and if you do it's the elective course or the gen ed you got into not the Capstone. So we're here today to put all of these feelings of the Academic Hunger Games into Gifs for your viewing pleasure. 

The first time you hear someone mention registering and you're unbothered because you've still got time. 

But on a whim you decide to just check and see what your registration time is.... (There's literally no way you don't have weeks left)

*Discovers you register in two days*

So you frantically email your advisor looking for a time to meet and try to decide what you'd sacrifice to the class God's to meet with them 

They finally email you back after literal years (An hour) of you waiting just to say "Sure bring what classes you've taken and plan to take. Sent from my Iphone"

Actual Footage of what you look like trying to figure out what you need to graduate...

So you finally meet with your advisor and they basically glance at your color coded list of classes and go "yea ok, sure." and you're trying to figure out why these appointments are required... but it's better to be safe than sorry I guess. At least you're on schedule to graduate.

Then comes the part where you try to make your dream schedule which probably won't work out but you can try. No Fridays and nothing before 11 is worth it right? 

The day finally arrives and you just sit in front of the computer like this for thirty minutes refreshing the access page. 

Because you know everyone else is doing the same thing and the real life Hunger Games are starting

You submit all of your CRN's before a minute even passes... no way you won't get them all. 

Until you don't get them all...

So you're scrambling to get in ANY of the class times offered for the ones you need to graduate... suddenly as long as it's open it's got your name on it.

You finally got into the ones you needed but your schedule is either garbage or you're on the waitlist for half of them

But if you're like me you realize you never have to do it again so it's celebration time!

Congratulations to the Seniors who registered for the last time! But more importantly good luck to everyone out there who hasn't registered yet! May your classes be open and your Friday's free!

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