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Boone may be playing hard to get with Fall weather this year, but we’ll be shivering in our shorts before we know it. Whether you dream of long drives on the parkway to NPR or peacefully dozing off to true crime, podcasts are your friend this autumn. As the podcast pool is vast and expansive, and generally intimidating if you don’t know where to turn, here are some recommendations by yours truly to help point you in the right direction.


My Favorite Murder

  • If you have friends who are podcast junkies, the likelihood of them listing to this gem is quite high. Self-described by the two leading ladies as a true crime/comedy podcast, it’ll have you laughing uncomfortably loud in public, all while contemplating the fascinating darkness that can exist in the human psyche. Each full-length episode covers two crimes, one told each by Georgia Hardstark and Karen Kilgarrif, about a murder, serial killer, kidnapping, etc. For first time listeners, I recommend the Minisode, where listeners send in their own crazy stories about hometown crimes, creepy ghost-like encounters, or things found in walls of old houses. That’s what we academics call, ~variety~. 

Royal Blood

  • This podcast is a newbie to the listening world, but it’s quickly gained recognition and climbed its way to Apple’s trending podcast list. Each episode follows the downfall of a monarch amidst all the fascinating royal family drama (i.e. stories of Marie Antoinette and The Romanovs). History and storytelling lovers alike can get lost in these historical tales, all while quietly thanking God that at least your family isn’t that messed up. 


Bite Back with Rozanna Purcell

  • Led by self-love queen and knowledgeable badass, Roz Purcell, this podcast will give you a warm fuzzy feeling in your stomach. A previous model, Purnell soon realized the detrimental affects the lifestyle was having on her mental and physical health, resulting in a complete alteration of her daily life and mindset. She advocates body positivity and treating it properly in order to be healthy in body and mind. She chats with a guest speaker every episode, all with differing expertise, encouraging women to accept their bodies, treat their bodies kindly, and hopefully start more conversations about how to talk about our bodies in the most respectful, beneficial way possible. 



  • With Phoebe Judge and her relaxing, buttery smooth voice, there are few reasons to not love this podcast on a crisp autumn morning. This podcast isn’t only about crime, but everything from Botanists who study the plants found in peoples stomach to solve crimes, True Crime/Mystery novelists, to a woman who single-handedly snuck onboard a mainline cruise ship for a week and got away with it. Each episode is led by Judge, interviewing fascinating people. This podcast has been around since 2014 so, when it comes to content, the world is your oyster. Or this podcast is your oyster? There’s options, okay?


Life Kit: All Guides

  • NPR is pretty well-known, but this podcast by them may not be. They’re short and sweet, coming in at around 22 minutes most of the time, and about a pretty broad range of things. As another relatively new podcast, there aren’t as many episodes as one that’s been around for years, but the content is fun, insightful, and occasionally even heartwarming. One of my personal favorites is a relatively new one that talks about friendships: maintaining them, starting them, and making the best of them.


My Dad Wrote a Porno

  • I bet that got your attention. Well, it did mine too and, Oh, am I glad it did. As one of the funniest podcasts I have ever listened to, I was a somewhat hesitant listener upon reading the title. However, possibly the funniest thing you will listen to today is Jamie Morton and his two friends reading his dad’s very serious, but very poorly written porn novel, Belinda Blinked. Sexy, right? Their commentary is hilarious and will most definitely put a smile on your face thinking about how genuinely uncomfortable it must be for this man to read a porno book by his father. 


If none of these fit your fancy, here are some alternatives for impressive podcast listeners who’ve heard it all, or those who just can’t stand listening to anything mainstream. You know who you are. Listen your heart out, folks. 

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  • Similar to Royal Blood: Fatal Voyage Presents Diana: Case Solved

  • Similar to Bite Back with Rozanna Purcell: The Good Glow 

  • Similar to Criminal: Lore

  • Similar to Life Kit: All Guides: TED Talks Daily 

  • Similar to My Dad Wrote a Porno: Last Podcast on the Left

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