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It’s Bachelor season, which means love is in the air and people are now busy on Monday nights drinking wine and deciding who will win Arie’s heart. Although I am not an avid Bachelor/Bachelorette viewer, I do keep up with the seasons when I can. So far, I have kept up with this season and the few episodes released. Many are not a fan of these shows because of the “fake” or “scripted” aspect, however, I’m just here for the drama, honey.

I realize majority of the show is probably scripted, but it’s the thought that counts, right? Plus, I’m a hopeless romantic, so I try and believe at least some of it is real, especially following recent couples who were a product of the show that are still together.

I personally enjoy the Bachelor better because I feel as if I can relate to all of the girls and their feelings while going through this process, even though I have never fought over a guy with 15 other girls before (that I know of).

Even if you have only watched a few episodes, you start to get a feel of who these women are as individuals, who will last and who will go home, and of course a feel of Arie and his “pillow lips”. Anyway, I wanted to discuss the thought process that we all go through while watching the Bachelor as well as the common personalities we can always identify (no judgement intended).

We always have the downhome country girl:

So far, Tia is one of my personal favorites because I can relate to her. This girl is also not afraid to speak her mind and is hilarious.

The crazy stalker who thinks she’s already married to the Bachelor (and every other girl in the house hates her):

Krystal’s voice haunts me and I always think that they keep these kind of girls on the show for the drama but some end up actually making it pretty far.

The outdoorsy/tom boy (who also collects Taxidermy):

Kendall is also one of my favorites, so far, even though she has a weird hobby, we all have something weird going on about us so no judgment here.

The one who’s ready to put up a fight:

Sadly, our homegirl Bibiana is already gone, which usually happens to these girls because that’s all they want to talk about to the Bachelor is their problems with who they fight with (bad idea).

The emotional one:

This poor girl Annaliese couldn’t stop crying from reliving her childhood trauma’s and although we all can relate, the TV show itself even seemed to poke fun at her as they showed clips of reenactment’s of these trauma’s.

The doe/ innocent acting one (who happens to be 22):

I’m not sure how I feel about Bekah, I’m one of those people who can agree with “age is just a number”, but I’m just not sure if she is in it for marriage or is even ready for that commitment. 

In general, I always get as nervous as the women are for the rose ceremonies and I get excited when they go on fun, one of a kind dates. This show is an emotional rollercoaster, which describes love, and I love it.

Some random thoughts, the bloopers are some of my absolute favorites in this show and I always can’t help but wonder about Chris Harrison’s love life… like is he single? Why can’t he be the next Bachelor?

Lastly, good luck to Arie and all of the women on finding love!


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