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Organize Your Life: Exam Edition


Exams are just around the corner and it’s hard not to get stressed out just thinking about them. Prepare yourself ahead of time by following these organizational tips:

  1. Figure out your exam schedule by visiting http://www.registrar.appstate.edu/calendar/Spring2013ExamSchedule.html
  2. List everything you have due before the end of the semester: group projects, presentations, papers, etc.
  3. Email professors to find out your current grades in each class. Figure out what grade you need to aim for on your final to end up with a grade you will be satisfied with
  4. Draw out a calendar for the next few weeks and pencil in everything you need to get done (I’m a huge fan of color-coding for this step)
  5. Prioritize which assignments are most important or time-consuming and tackle those first; separating studying over time makes it feel less overwhelming
  6. Book a study room. Finding a table in the library during exam week is a nightmare. Get ahead of the game and book a study room online: https://groupstudy.library.appstate.edu
  7. Don’t forget to take study breaks every so often. Make sure to get enough sleep, drink coffee, and avoid all-nighters.
  8. Schedule an appointment with professors of classes you’re struggling in. Professors appreciate you taking the time to seek them out and will be glad to provide helpful study tips.
  9. Don’t procrastinate. If you leave everything until the last minute you will stress yourself out even more.
  10. Relax. Summer is almost here! Just make it through the next few weeks and it will be smooth sailing until August.


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