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An Open Letter to My Future Mother in Law



Beginning a letter to you may be one of the most challenging things I’ve ever had to do. There’s simply too many emotions to be sorted out into one introductory sentence; gratitude, admiration, even love.

You are the woman that has raised the man that I will spend the rest of my life with. You brought him into this world, you gave him life, and you shaped him into the gentle, kind hearted, and caring man that he is today. Sure, at times he drives me crazy (but we’ll just pretend those parts came from his dad).

I’m sure the thought crossed your mind a time or two when he was younger. You may have wondered what kind of woman he would end up with, and you might have even prayed to God that he would find someone nice enough to pick up all of his dirty socks that he leaves on the ground, without complaining. Unfortunately for him, I will always yell about the stupid socks on the ground, but that doesn’t mean I love him any less.

Everyone always says that the most difficult moment in a marriage is when the father of the bride gives her away, but I may have to disagree. There is a special connection between a boy and his mother that I know I’ll ever be able to understand. When he was young and innocent, you were the most beautiful woman in the world to him. A man’s mother will always be his weakness, and most importantly his first love.

It will be nearly impossible to live up to you. There will be the days when he will crave the special love and attention that only his Mother can give him. While I can’t be exactly that, I can only hope to comfort him in the ways that you always have. I can only hope to encourage him to follow every single one of his dreams as you have, and I can only dream to continue to shape him into the amazing man that you did.

I admire you, in every way, and I look up to you. We both know that he can be difficult. At his lowest points, he doesn’t see the wonderful things in himself that we see every moment. He sometimes feels like giving up, yet we both know that it would be impossible for his intelligence to go to waste. You know even better than I do that he will succeed at anything he tries. Somehow, you have a way of always making him feel better about any situation, problem, or mishap. I will always strive for that ability.

Finally, now that you are (technically) my mother, I can only hope to be the daughter that you deserve, and the wife that he needs.

Thank you for putting such a special person in this world, and thank you for being such a special person yourself.




Photosource: http://www.mamashealth.com/inlaws/images/motherinlaw.jpg




Jordan is a Freshman at Appalachian State working a degree in Communications and Public Relations. She's a member of the Theta-Nu chapter of Alpha Phi, and currently serves as the Director of Target Membership Marketing for the chapter. Jordan is an intern newsdesk reporter at The Appalachian campus paper. In her free time, she loves being lazy with the gent, Lee, and their puppies; Macey, Jack, and Ruby. Her dream job is to be a News Anchor.
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