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Alex LipeCeleb Status: IFC PresidentYear: SeniorFraternity: Delta ChiMajor(s): Advertising and MarketingHometown: Lexington, NCActivities: Enjoys playing in a band with his fellow Delta Chi brothers, going to concerts and being outdoors.

Q: What made you want to take on such a serious leadership position within Greek life?A: I have been an IFC delegate since freshman year, and have always been interested in helping out the greater good of the Greek life community.

Q: What assumptions do people have of Greek life that you love to prove wrong?A: A lot of people think that people join Greek life just to make them popular, but every organization is different. Up here, we are all so diverse; we can be who we want to be because we don’t have a set stereotype for each organization.

Q: If you could meet one person who has influenced you, who would it be?A: Walt Disney, because I think before him no one really dreamed or imagined. Never did I think four years ago I would be doing this. He really taught us to dream big and keep pursuing your dreams even when you get knocked down.

Q: Describe the perfect Boone day.A: One would be summer at sunset after it’s already rained, second would be football game day where it isn’t too hot or cold or muddy on duck pond and winning the game.

Q: What makes you proud to be a member of the Greek Community?A: Knowing that even if we join different organizations with different values, it makes me proud I can call on whomever, whenever, we will be here for each other. Even when we are competitive, at the end of the day we love each other.

Q: With all that has happened this past academic year, what encouraging words can you offer our fellow Mountaineers?A: When Carson Rich spoke at Come Together as Mountaineers event, he said “I’m tired of walking around campus and faking a smile to people. I’m tired of acting like we are just going to sweep this under the rug. It is going to be okay because we are Mountaineers, and we live in God’s country. We need to be thankful for all we have around us.” My encouragement would be to just keep your head up, and remember that when you walk in somewhere you know 75% of the people there, and you don’t get that a lot at other universities. It’s also great to know that our administration cares enough about us to be there for us, and doesn’t act high and mighty.

Q: What is your favorite line from a song?A: Can’t Tell Me Nothin’ – Kanye West, “To whom much is given, much is tested.”


Amber Layfield, senior at Appalachian State studying psychology and criminal justice, teaches Pilates and Yoga, and is Co-Campus Correspondent of Her Campus Appalachian State!  Enjoys hiking in Boone, getting lost in a great book, dabbling in cooking, knitting, creating jewelry, and writing. An avid animal, coffee, pizza, Harry Potter and Pinterest lover.
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