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Last month marks a year since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. Since last March, the world we live in has changed drastically. Many of the things we took for granted ended up being the things we longed for the most. Simple things like going to the movie theater, going to church, or going to school. Many of those things were stripped away from us or changed in a way that was most likely underwhelming. 

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From March of last year to this past March many of us have faced physical and mental struggles that may have deterred us from being the best version of ourselves. It’s hard to look back and see the pain that so many of us and our loved ones went through, and may still be going through. Being isolated from the world was the norm that so many of us had to accept for the safety of ourselves and others. It’s hard to be isolated from people for so long – that’s coming from someone who identifies as mostly introverted. I believe that humans need each other to get through times like these. The people in my life that I am close with really got me through this pandemic and although it’s not over yet, there is still hope.

It’s good to find something that can take your mind off of the outside world

 I believe that it is important to prioritize one’s physical and especially mental health in times like these. The pandemic has added so much stress to our daily lives and it is more important now than ever to take time to unwind. Self-care is something that I have started to prioritize a lot more this year. I am not perfect at taking care of myself, I often forget to take breaks between schoolwork because I want to get it all done at once. I also forget that scrolling through social media isn’t necessarily the most relaxing mental break. It’s good to find something that can take your mind off of the outside world and all of the issues in it. To me, finding a hobby has been a huge part of my self-care journey. Last year when the pandemic hit, I started making earrings and that truly helped me because it was something that I could be excited about when it felt like the world around me was going in a not-so-great direction. 

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Fast forward to this past month. I found my mental health wasn’t in the best place and I was looking for something to help me feel better. I wanted to prove to myself that I could do something productive and meaningful. I had fallen off with making earrings because I thought that I didn’t have time to. I got so caught up in assignments and the chaos of daily life that I forgot how much I loved making jewelry. I got the idea to start making rings and I ran with it. It made me feel better knowing that something simple could make me feel so much better about myself. It’s important to realize that in order to keep yourself in a good headspace, you have to figure out what it is that you love doing. Don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone – I know it’s hard – and try new things. 

I think that going through a pandemic is something that none of us ever expected, but if you’re getting through the day then you’re doing great. If I have learned anything from March of last year to this past month, it is to find simple pleasures and give yourself a mental break from everything that’s going on in the world.

Don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone

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