The Lil Wayne Catastrophe of 2017

It happened on February 3, 2017. "Is Lil Wayne seriously coming to Boone?" "Is this a joke?" "Wheezy baby!"

As soon as it hit the Internet that Lil Wayne, yes THE Lil Wayne, was coming to Boone, Boonies went bananas. We've had to suffer through so many country singers, bands, and alternative music groups. Don't get me wrong. Luke Combs is great, but he's no Lil Wayne. App State heard our cries, and they came through for us in a big way. In an effort to add more diversity, they set out to book a rap/hip-hop singer, and they struck gold.

Then February 3, 2017 happened. The day the tickets went live.  

People gathered in line, set their alarms, and patiently waited until the clock struck 10:01am. As soon as the clock struck, all hell broke lose.

"Oh sweet, I'm online! Now all I have to do is pick my tickets. All right, now all I have to do is check out and...wait, what do you mean 'error?' What!? Your place in line is 2456!? I JUST HAD MY TICKETS!" For those of us who chose to stay home in our warm beds and get our tickets online, we ran into some unforeseen speed bumps. 

"What do you mean the system crashed!? You didn't expect this big of a demand? HOW COULD YOU NOT? IT'S LIL WAYNE, OUR MIDDLE SCHOOL IDOL!" APPs sent out an apology for the technical difficulties, but that didn't make up for the pain and suffering we all went through...and that new laptop we'll have to pay for after destroying our other one. "What the hell!?" was a phrase heard around Boone on that faithful day. People in line couldn't get tickets because of the broken system, people online were pounding their keyboards in an effort to check out, and Lil Wayne was in his mansion smoking weed and drinking cough syrup, not giving a fuck.  

"All I wanted was some ground floor tickets, you piece of shit!!" People in line, and those who actually camped out, were bummed to learn that us tech savvy geniuses got ground floor tickets before they even had a chance. For those who don't know, the secret is screaming and banging your computer until you get an email with your tickets attached. Then there were those people who bought tickets just to turn around and sell them for a profit. Wheezy F, baby, and the F stands for fuck this.Some people were still not able to put it all together. Because of the large amount of traffic on the ticket site, the site had some malfunctions. Sending us to the back of the line was one thing, but then there was the issue with some people paying for tickets, then not getting any. Turns out, just because their bank account was charged, dosen’t mean they got tickets. People were PISSED, rightfully so. APPs tried to make it right, offering up some fan-base tickets. There are still young hopefuls out there trying to get tickets on AppState Classifieds. 

The Lil Wayne Catastrophe of 2017 will go down in history, unlike the so-called terroist attack, The Bowling Green Massacre. We will all remember shouting and cursing as much as Lil Wayne does in his songs. RIP to our laptops whom we abused in the process, and God bless the APPs people who tried to give us something nice and had to endure our fits of rage. This is what happens when we get nice things!