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Life Lessons from Tori Kelly

I’m going to go out on a limb and guess that most people with any interest in the entertainment world have heard the name Tori Kelly. In the past few months, Tori has blown up. She’s performed on the VMA’s, EMA’s, been nominated for countless awards and worked with some of the biggest names in music. Being a fan of Tori for years now, her music and the way she writes songs has taught me a lot and inspired me in more ways than one.   Here are some lessons we can all take away from a few of Tori’s songs!


1.     Unbreakable Smile

This is a song about being absolutely true to yourself. We’ve all watched many of our childhood idols have lose what they stood for because the fame got to their head, but Tori refuses to let the industry change her. Be yourself always and never forget where you come from. Tori sings, “You’re not breaking me, ain’t got time for ya.” If anyone or anything wants to change you, don’t let it. There is a place for you in this world that only your true self can fill, so if you haven’t found it yet keep searching for that place.

2.     Dear No One

A love song to an unnamed “someone.” In this song, Tori talks about a feeling that is familiar to many of us. We like being alone sometimes, doing our own thing and having no one to answer to, but then sometimes we just want someone to cuddle up with and watch a good movie. In “Dear No One”, Tori is reminding us all that whoever that someone is, they are out there and “when the time is right they’ll be here,” but stressing about being alone will do us no good. When you meet that person you’ve been waiting on “it’ll be worth the wait.”


3.     Paper Hearts

This song is about getting over someone and how hard it can be. You find yourself going through old pictures and realizing that is all that’s left of that relationship. You want to know how they are and what they are doing but you can’t text or call them. It’s tough to think that you two could’ve really had something beautiful and you just barely missed it. One of the last lines in the song is “If I could just give it some time, I’ll be alright.” It is so true. It’s okay to be sad about the end of something you had faith in, but with time you will be okay with it and end up finding a better beginning.



4.   City Dove

We all want to know what the next step is, where we go from here, or if we are even on the right path. This song is about the feeling of waiting for the next big thing. I know I find myself waiting all the time, waiting for my life to start. The reality is that life is now and you have to make the most of what is happening in this moment. We are all just “holding on.” We can plan for the next step all we want, but the reality is that we may have no control over it. The path you take to where you want to be is never going to be easy, often times it will be rough. Just take comfort in knowing that where you are today is a step in being on your way to where you want to be.



5.     Anyway

This song is about refusing to settle. “If I said I’m difficult sometimes, said whatever comes to my mind, would you stay with me, anyway?” Sometimes we are loud, sometimes we run late and we need someone that can handle it. Do not compromise you who are in fear that you’re not good enough for someone. The truth is, if they can’t accept you for you, then they are the one that isn’t good enough. In the song Tori says “take it all or leave,” which is the attitude we should all have. If someone does not appreciate everything that you bring to the table, they should not get to enjoy any of it.

 So, if somehow you haven’t heard of Tori Kelly I highly suggest you add her to your Spotify account and enjoy her incredible voice and lyrics.

Thank you, Tori for always knowing just what to say and giving the world the gift of your music! 













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