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A Letter to Pizza Deliverers Everywhere

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at App State chapter.

It’s hard to put into words just how much we rely on you, pizza deliverers.

You are truly an unspoken hero, and when they say “not all heroes wear capes,” well, we’re talking about you. Through the good days and even the bad ones, you always deliver (pun intended).

What’s even better is that you are completely humble, when this is no small task. We ask for pizza in rain that seems like monsoons, snowstorms that are like blizzards, and deliveries in the bitter cold of winter. Yet, without complaints, you are the vital transportation that brings it to our front door. Not only do we get it freshly made, but it’s literally within a few steps from where most of us sit in our living rooms awaiting your arrival. It couldn’t get much easier than that, and it’s probably something many people take for granted more than we realize.


Pizza is the holy grail of food that can be delivered. I’d even be so bold as to rank it above Chinese takeout, mostly because you can get pizza for practically nothing with all the coupons and student discounts combined.

We hold this famous dish to a standard so high, and we often forget all about the person that is in charge of getting it to our homes. There are a few times when we’ll get the occasional late delivery, but more often than not, we see the bright beacon of hope that is the delivery sign on top of your car within 30 minutes of ordering.

And because we don’t say it enough, thank you. Thank you for not judging those of us that answer the door in our outfit designated for days when we never leave our homes, because there have been plenty of times when I looked pretty frightening. Still, there hasn’t even been a hint of judgement in any of my pizza deliverers’ voices.

Thank you for indulging my childish whims by telling funny jokes when I ask for it in the “special instructions” section of ordering. Sometimes I’m having a rough day and a cheesy joke is just what I need. It doesn’t always happen, but that just makes it even better when it does.

You’re loved by literally everyone you meet, because who wouldn’t be happy to see you approaching their door with the classic box of heaven inside? Parts of my favorite memories from college have been times when I’ve ordered pizza with my friends and stayed in for the night. You may think you play an insignificant part to the happiness of your customers, but I assure you your efforts do not go unnoticed. It’s pretty much an essential part to creating the ultimate girls’ night in.

The question that has been asked over time about a million times is “Who are you going to call?” The answer isn’t the ghostbusters, no; it’s to my favorite pizza place. Basically, you are the modern equivalent to the ghostbusters. If that’s not an honor, then I don’t know what is.





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