A Letter To My College Best Friend

I remember move in freshman year: moving loads of boxes up flights of stairs, saying goodbye to my family, and then it all hit me. I was completely alone, I knew no one, and had no friends. Thoughts like how will I meet people, will I even like anyone, will anyone even like me flew through my head. Little did I know you were just two doors down from me waiting to be one of the biggest blessings of my life. 

The first day I met you, I thought you were wild. And I was right. For the past four years, you have been there for everything and the only reason I haven't managed to kill or severly injur myself. So, thank you for the amazing memories and support that I know will continue for years. 

You were there freshman year to walk through the blistering cold to the dining hall to eat with me. You were there for my first college party and checked on me continuously to make sure I wasn't doing anything stupid. Not to mention, standing by my side many nights waiting for the elevator, trying to act sober so the night star wouldn't catch us. You were there waiting patiently alone in my room for me to get out of class, only to scare me when I opened the door to your smiling face. You were there to go to countless country concerts, only to romp around in our cowboy boots and get upgrades. And lets not forget, you were there for chemistry lab. 

You were there sophomore year to go with me to a random gathering, where we knew no one, only so I could meet my future boyfriend. You were there for all the drunkem nights, random parties, and interesting stories the next morning. You were there to pick me up and take me for drives for hours. You were there to run across the apartment compex parking lot when I texted you to come over. 

You were there junior year to go on hikes in the snow. You were there to come eat fried chicken or fish after football games. You were there to spill nachos and cause a scene when we saw each other at a football game. You were there to say goodbye before I left to study abroad for a semester. You were there to talk to me while I was gone. And most importantly, you were there to greet me when I got back, and nothing changed between us. 

You were there senior year to take me on hikes and drives through the mountains because I missed them so much. You were there to answer my hundreds of phone calls when I was upset. You were there to take me to Krispy Kreme just for a doughnut or Bojangles just for mac and cheese. You were there to help me decorate my new bedroom and bathroom. 

And now it's the last semester of senior year. And I can't help but wish for it to start all over, so that I can have four more crazy years with you. 

I hate knowing that in a matter of months, I won't be able to call you and five minutes later hear you honking from your car for me to come out for a drive. But, I know that this friendship was made to last and that there is so much more to come. 

So, thank you for being you, for making these past four years the best they could ever be, and for being my person that I've always needed. 

Lots of love, 

Your BFF