Lady Gaga's Body is #Goals

As if Lady Gaga’s incredible performance during the Super Bowl halftime show wasn’t enough, Gaga danced her booty off with a perfect bod. However, some took to social media thinking otherwise. Lady Gaga haters took the moment to criticize her body.

Soon enough, Gaga’s Little Monsters came to her defense. Many fans took to Twitter showing their support:

And rightfully so. Lady Gaga’s body is goals. A perfect body isn’t so skinny where you can see bones. A perfect body is a stomach roll, or two (or three or four) with natural looking proportions. A perfect body is a body that you feel comfortable in. Clearly, Lady Gaga feels confortable enough in her body to have the confidence to dance and sing on stage in front of millions of people. Lady Gaga proves to people that you don’t have to have the perfect body to have confidence.

I am not sure what those body shamers were looking at, but when I look at Lady Gaga’s body, all I can think is #goals. Body shaming is just this expression people use when they want to talk bad about somebody else’s appearance. No one should ever have to feel embarrassed or ashamed of their body. Shaming someone because of their appearance does nothing, and doesn't give them the confidence they are looking for. Regardless of the size a person is, we should make each other feel comfortable in our own skin. Each body is different, and it's supposed to be that way. The more confident you feel in your own skin, the less you will depend on others for satisfaction.

After catching wind of the criticism on social media post-halftime performance, Lady Gaga took to Instagram herself.

Take that body shamers! Lady Gaga encourages the confidence that she had to preform at the Super Bowl halftime show, in all of us. Next time you are feeling low on the self-esteem meter, take Gaga’s advice “Be you, and be relentlessly you.”

Following the Super Bowl, Lady Gaga announced that she will go on a world tour in 2017.