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Joey Glass ’15

Name: Joey Glass
Age: 20
Year: Sophomore
Hometown: Charlotte
Major: English/Psychology
Relationship Status: Single

Q: What do you look for in a girl?
A: Creativity, passion, individuality, and empathy. I’m drawn to people who are very much themselves, like a particular vibrant and textured square on a quilt that catches your eye. I want to be with someone who is social and knows how to have fun; who can hang out in a group and enjoys other people, as well as having a more reserved, introspective and self-aware side. A fluent speaker of sarcasm, I look for girls who appreciate a certain sense of humor in a hidden but subdued, ironic kind of way. Trust is very important; I need to be able to trust someone to be in a relationship with her.

Q: Who is your celebrity crush and why?
A: I actually don’t have one celebrity in particular whom I’ve always been obsessed with, but my most recent crush is from watching Meghan Markle’s character, Rachel, on the show Suits. Her character on the show is intelligent, fun, hard working, flirty and down to earth. She and Mike (the main character on the show) gel really well, and help each other throughout the first two seasons while balancing their growing feelings for each other.

Q: Why did you choose to come to Appalachian State?
A: I’m looking to get a lot of new life experiences out of college. Living in the mountains was a big attraction, and I had heard good things about people enjoying their time up here. It’s also the whole environment, from the nature and scenery to the people that make up the fun creative and laid back atmosphere, I really felt like this would be the place for me to thrive.

Q: Biggest turn on?
A: When a girl figures out my biggest turn on.

Q: What is your perfect date?
A: It starts out with us having a good time making something creative together (think finger painting portraits for each other, or a poem written together one line at a time) Then we go out on a walk for our picnic, which we enjoy while watching the sun set. We hammock under the stars afterward and talk about the deeper things in life, share secrets, and laugh.

Q: If you could be a super hero, who would you choose and why?
A: Batman, primarily because he’s pretty much a badass. Although he doesn’t have any superpowers he uses his resources and strength to help and protect Gotham; he also lives a double-life as the socially powerful Bruce Wayne.

Q: Describe yourself in 3 words.
A: Insightful, Athletic, Creative

Q: What’s the number one most played song on your iPod?
A: I actually just got the privilege of updating my iTunes library after losing most of it during a computer crash last year, but I’d say it was close between DLZ by TV On The Radio or Dramamine by Modest Mouse.

Q: What is the one thing you want to do before you graduate?
A: Study abroad- not 100% sure where yet, but I’m thinking touring Europe would be really cool.

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