The Inspirational Champion: Meet Tyler Daniel Hardin

Tyler Hardin is a sophomore at Appalachian State actively participating in many events on campus, including running for Student Government Association President along with his partner, Robert Evans.

However, Hardin did not wait until college to get a head start actively participating in his community. Around age 11, Hardin made videos that grew to be very popular. In 8th grade, Hardin started a television show that was featured on a local Greensboro television channel, where he is from.

Hardin was so motivated to actively participate in the entertainment and media industry that he started his own mini company in Greensboro. TDH Media features creative media pieces. “It is cool to take an idea and progress it into something that is much more solid,” said Hardin.

Today, Hardin’s inspiration and drive has led him to the decision to run for SGA President. Hardin gets his inspiration from the many students on Appalachian’s campus, and why they came to this school.

Hardin shared they key issues he will like to focus on, one being funding for Appalachian State. Since Appalachian State is the lowest funded university within the UNC system, Hardin plans to increase funding. “There is so much talent here,” Hardin said.

The Hardin Roberts platform also includes increasing communication and connection with SGA and the student body, Town of Boone Community, and other partnerships. Their platform is designed to collaborate with many organizations on campus, including student athletes, Greek life, first year students, student performers, and LGBTQIA+.

Hardin has experience with working with others outside of Appalachian as well. Hardin is a part of the North Carolina Youth Advisory Council that focuses on the Character Matters Campaign. “What we do is advocate for student issues and work with the legislation that goes before the N.C. General Assembly,” Hardin said.

Throughout all of Hardin’s experiences leading, he had the opportunity to meet President Obama while promoting his American’s Job Act.

For Hardin, he wants to be remembered as “a champion for Appalachian State and what it is known for. What makes us different is champions for all students, university, and community,” said Hardin.

In Hardin’s spare time, he enjoys traveling. “Whether it is the next town over or the next big city, I enjoy tasting new foods and meeting new people, “ said Hardin.

And when asked what his favorite sports team, Hardin said, “Appalachian of course!”