If You Don't Have A Clue Where To Start Looking For Jobs, Look Here


It’s second semester, which means half the seniors are looking for jobs and panicking at the idea of graduating and moving away from Boone.

Dealing with the realization that you’re graduating is hard enough, but not knowing where you’ll be living in six months (unless you’re going to grad school, lucky) is a mildly terrifying thing to live with.

As one of those seniors, I have started asking my friends where to start looking for jobs. So, for everyone else, I have compiled a list to help relieve the job hunt stress.

1.       LinkedIn 

 This one seems fairly obvious, but jobs get posted on here on a daily basis, and you can look by location and key words to help find what kind of career fits you.

2.       Randstad 

This is a company that allows you to search through all of the job opening in the U.S. Helpful if you’re willing to work anywhere.

3.       Monster 

 Another website that will allow you to search through areas and job openings by keyword. They will also send you email updates about new job openings!

4.       ZipRecruiter

 I see this as Monster’s twin.

5.       Specialty websites 

 For me, I use journalismjobs.com which allows me to search through any journalistic job in the country by state or by position. This helps if you know for sure what kind of field you want to enter post-graduate.

6.       Craigslist 

No lie, one of my friends got both of her post-grad jobs on a Craigslist listing. I mean, it doesn’t hurt to look one extra place.

Now, scurry off and stalk the job listings in your dream area. Be it NYC or right here in Boonetown, the perfect job for you is out there if you look for it.