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How to Not Be an Annoying Freshman

Just last year that was me, clutching my AppCard for dear life, getting lost, and being all around confused and overwhelmed. As I look back on my freshman experience, and what I’ve observed so far as a sophomore, I’ve gathered some knowledge that will help you freshies not stick out quite as much…

Your AppCard- You are going to be using it a ton, so learn how to use it now and save yourself a lot of embarrassment in the future. Trust me, nothing is more annoying than waiting behind someone trying to get into the gym that doesn’t know how to swipe their card. If you don’t know how to use it, hold the little birdie at the top and swipe down.

Lanyards- Just don’t. They jingle and hit people; it’s awful.

Facebook- I love to Facebook stalk just as much as the next girl, but people are going to think you are super creepy if you friend request them just because they are in your class. If you don’t really know the person, try to contain your enthusiasm. Wait until you know them a little bit better so you don’t come across as a stalker.

Around Campus-
It’s okay to get lost, it’s even expected! I still get confused in Rankin! But try not to get in people’s way. Don’t just stop in the middle of a crowded hallway or turn around and walk into people. Allow enough time to get to your classes so you don’t have to run or push people out of the way.

Class- Once you have actually made it to class, there is some basic etiquette you should be aware of so you don’t stick out quite as much. First off, even if you are super funny, no one cares. Keep the comments to a minimum and your neighbors will love you for it. Its okay to talk and ask questions, but nothing is more annoying than a class clown; remember this isn’t high school anymore. Remember that you’re there to focus, take notes, and pay attention. This shows the older students that you will pull your weight if you have a group project.

Partying- It’s a big part of the college environment, and if you do choose to go out, don’t get too crazy. Make sure you know your limits, and always have a buddy with you. Partying is super fun, but try not to talk about it ALL the time. It’s okay to recap your weekend with your friends and plan your outfit for this weekend’s themed frat party, but if you’re around people you don’t know, try to keep the bragging to a minimum. Also, try not to boast about how much you drank last night, how hung over you are, or show up to class proudly displaying x’s on your hands.

Last but not least, remember that you are here to make new friends, study new subjects, and make new amazing memories! Avoid talking about high school 24/7. It’s normal to miss your friends and family, but you need to be open to new friends too! Don’t go home all the time, and remember to branch out and meet new people! Most importantly, it’s all about attitude. It’s fine to be happy and excited about college, you are finally here! Don’t try and be cool or act like you know everything, just enjoy yourself! Freshmen year is a really unique and super fun experience and it’s going to fly by, so keep these tips in mind and have an amazing year! Best of luck class of 2016!

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