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He Texted : The Ultimate Guide to Decoding Guys

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at App State chapter.

It is a common theme these days to be considered “talking” to someone, yet you have never even met the person. So what does this ‘talking’ refer too? Non-stop texting, for days, maybe even weeks, before you finally make arrangements to meet the person.

And then there is the rule that after you meet the person, you wait a minimum of three days till you text them. It is 2015; does that rule even still apply?

I recently discovered a new website that will help with all of your electronic relationship needs. He Texted, is a website designed for users to upload screenshots or blog posts of their conservations for others to chime in with wither or not the person of interest is interested as well.

Basically, for all you over-analyzers out there, this is for you.

The Co-Founders of the website, Lisa Winning and Carrie Henderson McDermott launched the website in August.

The idea behind the website is for the user to start a discussion about this age of electronic relationships that we establish.

When exploring around the website, I found the most interesting feature to be when users actually upload a screenshot of a texting conversation. Most of the time, the users are looking for help. “What do I say?” Uploading a screenshot is a proof that texting can be misinterpreted and tricky.

The last thing you want when talking to your crush is to say the wrong thing to turn him off. Do not be too eager; yet, don’t be standoffish so your guy will stop trying. So why not get a little extra texting advice from some strangers on the Internet? No judgment.

The website is simple and easy to navigate around. Even if you do not want to post on personal intimate texting conversations, it can be helpful to get insight from others. Soon enough, you will find yourself on the website for hours.

Maybe you don’t want your intimate texting relationship to be public. He Texted has a feature to get private answers from subject experts. These experts are a group both men and women, all with different backgrounds, who are willing to help with your situation, privately.

So the next time you are patiently sitting next to your phone waiting for him to text you after the amazing date you had last night, sign up for a free He Texted account and get some helpful answers.

You can also check out the book, He Texted, by the same authors, to always have around to decode guys confusing conservations. 

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