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The End of The Semester As Told By Reese Witherspoon

The last two weeks before Christmas break are everyone’s worst nightmare, regardless of your year or major. But the one that comes your senior year is exceptionally terrible, so I’m here to put all of these feelings we have into words with the help of our Queen Reese Witherspoon. 


When you realize the semester is finally almost over when you’re on the way home for Thanksgiving

But then on the way back you realize all of those papers, group projects, and finals you’ve been avoiding all semester are due

Then you actually look at your to do list…it’s worse than you thought…your first reaction is like

Then it turns into…

When your parents call to check in and tell you to “settle down you have plenty of time”

When you realize you’ve been living on coffee and Cookout for a week and should be paying rent in the library not your apartment…

And there’s no way you don’t look homeless or deranged 

When someone in your class sees you at the bar and asks if you finished the project since you’re out.

When your teacher compliments your portfolio and you did it the night before…

When you ace your last final…

And group project…

Then the semester has finally ended

But then you realize you have one semester left in college and you aren’t ready for that to be your truth.

Like…really not ready for it…

But then you get really proud of yourself and knew you’d get here one day and remember you start Grad School  or Law School soon.

These last few weeks are rough, but there’s a light at the end of the tunnel and that tunnel is Christmas so at least we can cry about graduating at our Mom’s house.



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Kaitlyn Reavis

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Kaitlyn is a senior at Appalachian State majoring in Public Relations with a minor in Political Science.  Kaitlyn is the President of Her Campus App State as well as one of the Campus Correspondents.  She's also the president of App's Ducks Unlimited chapter, and a member of Sigma Alpha Lambda, which is the communication honors society, and a member of Collegiate Republicans. She's moved by her love for this country and the way it works. She hopes to one day be a part of what makes it work be it in politics or campaign management and research. In her free time Kaitlyn coaches’ softball, reads, obsesses over her 6 dogs (yes you read that right), and enjoys being surrounded by the people she loves. She hopes to turn her stories into a book one day but until then... "Never settle for bad coffee, bad friends, or bad men."
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