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Dancing Into Your Heart, Meet Mason Callahan

Meet Mason Callahan! 

Year: Senior

Hometown: Cary, NC

Major: English Secondary Education (Minor: Business)
Mason is a member of the ASU Elite dance team and is a senior here at Appalachian State! In light of the beginning our football season, I interviewed Mason about her time on the dance team, how she got involved, and how dance team has impacted her life so far!
Q: How did you get involved in dance team?
A: I was a member of the dance team at my high school and had always wanted to be on a dance team at a collegiate level, so I looked into try out dates and went for it.
Q: Have you been a dancer your entire life?
A: I’ve been taking dance classes since I’ve been three years old. I did studio dance at Cary Ballet Conservatory, taking ballet and jazz classes up until graduating from high school. Within my studio I was also a member of the ballet company and the 3D Jazz project. Before my freshman year of high school I tried out for the dance team at Green Hope High School and was one of the two freshman they took that year. I stayed on the team all four years and served as a captain my junior and senior years. While in high school I auditioned for Joffrey Ballet School in New York City and attended their Jazz and Contemporary summer programs in 2010 and 2011. Now, I’m entering my second year on the ASU Elite dance team. I definitely want to keep dance a part of my life for as long as my body is capable of doing it.
Q: What’s one of your favorite memories with the dance team so far?
A: One of my favorite memories with dance team so far was participating in the homecoming lip sync this past year. The fraternity brothers of Pi Kappa Phi asked us to do it with them and I’m so happy that we agreed. It was so fun participating in homecoming this way and such an awesome opportunity to meet other people on campus. It was one of the top experiences I have had as a student at ASU that really made me feel like a part of the school and the App family. We also placed as finalist and got to go on and compete in a final competition which was exciting for us and really got our name out there in the school system in a way that it hadn’t been before.
Q: What do you love most about being on the dance team?
A: I love how much dance team pushes me, not only in dance but in living a healthy lifestyle, participating in school events, and managing my time efficiently. We put a lot of hard work and hours into what the student population sees at football games, basketball games, wrestling matches, and selective shows on campus while still maintaining good grades and social lives. Also, I love our uniforms!
Q: What do you plan on doing with your major after you graduate?
A:After I graduate I plan on moving to Charlotte and teaching 11th-12th grade English for a year. I’ve also decided recently to try out for the Carolina Top Cats, the NFL cheerleading team for the Panthers, and take my dancing to the next level. Within the next two years I will be applying to graduate school to further my education in administration or continuing my studies in business. Eventually I would like to open my own dance studio and keep the dancing aspect of my life with me as a hobby and a career. 
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