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The season for littles is here if you're in a sorority, and littles aren't cheap. Even though you love her and want to give her everything, we're all on that college budget. So here's some tips to give your little the world and avoid breaking the bank.

1. Buy in bulk.

Usually the sales are for bulk items. Seven canvases for $14 is a lot better than buying seven canvases individually. That goes for paint too! 

2. Ask for the student discount.

Lots of businesses like to give us college students a break and sometimes offer student discounts up to 15% off! Ask at the counter when you check out to save a couple dimes.

3. Split the cost with another girl.

You're not alone in this! Maybe go in on buying paint with your friend or roommate and share! Lord knows you're not gonna need the entire bottle of pink paint, so why not share?

4. Dollar store, dollar store, dollar store.

People often over look the beauty of a dollar store. Even though they may not seem promising at first, there's always hidden gems. 

5. DIY.

It's true that people love crafts that are made straight from the heart, even if they turn out a little unfortunate looking, your little won't know the difference! 


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