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Chelsea Clinton Comes to App State

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at App State chapter.

As early voting began on campus, Chelsea Clinton represented the Clinton Campaign by making an appearance at Appalachian State University on Thursday, October 27.

The event was held at Legends and the line was wrapped around the parking lot as guests waited up to two hours for their chance to hear and meet presidential candidate Hillary Clinton’s daughter, Chelsea Clinton speak.

Music played before Chelsea took stage, including Sheryl Crow’s song “Woman in the White House.” Chelsea then took the stage to an overly enthusiastic crowd who some had been waiting almost two hours for that moment.

Chelsea spoke about her mom’s campaign and how important early voting is, especially in North Carolina. Early voting is also important for App State students who have fought hard for our right to vote on campus. Chelsea spoke about her recent rallies in North Carolina, and shared stories about what voters have told her. One voter told a story about coming to America to attend graduate school with her six month old son. Now legal citizens, her son is twelve years old and has had to face backlash at school with some bullies telling him “When Trump wins, you’ll be thrown back over the border.” 

Another story Chelsea shared was about an eight year old girl who told Chelsea she wants Hillary to win. When Chelsea asked why, the girl responded, “Two reasons. Number one: I think it’s time for a woman president. Number two: the kids at school say that if Trump wins, my daddy will have to go back in the closet and there are monsters in the closet.” Chelsea followed up by saying that this is why this election is one of the most important elections in history.

Chelsea then took questions from the audience. Questions consisted of asking about climate control, HB2 bill, and legalizing marijuana. Chelsea answered the questions with poise as she explained her mom’s campaign and what she plans to do if elected president. 

An important question was asked about student loans, to which Chelsea remembered the day her mother finally paid off her student loans from law school. Chelsea explained her mom’s plan of trying to make not only college, but also graduate school more affordable, and making sure students aren’t struggling with loans years after graduating.

Another audience member asked about Planned Parenthood, to which Chelsea explained her mom’s views as she presented them during the debate when the question was brought up. Before Chelsea came on stage, a campaign member told her story of why she’s voting for Hillary. She explained that she got pregnant at 18, and Planned Parenthood was there to help her through the process. Chelsea stated that she wished this issue was talked about more throughout the campaign, and how this was an important issue for her and her mother.

Chelsea held a meet-and-greet afterwards and was very open to audience members. She tried to meet and shake hands with everyone waiting in line and even took the time to sign autographs and pose for photos. 

It was an honor for me to meet with Chelsea and hear her talk about her mom’s campaign and the importance of voting this election season. She presented great public speaking skills and it felt as if she was talking to the audience as if she was talking to her family or group of friends. She dressed in casual clothes, dressed in jeans and sporting a t-shirt that read “Make History.” It felt as if she was one of us, having a casual conversation about the campaign.

It was truly a great experience.

Voting in the student union is officially underway and you can vote now until November 4 any time between 10am-5pm.

Make sure you get out and cast your vote this election season!

Taylor currently works in television production in New York City. Her current project was for a Sesame Work Shop show called 'Helpsters' that is now streaming on AppleTV. While at Appalachian State University, Taylor majored in Film and Creative Writing. She enjoys reality TV, college basketball, binge-watching Netflix, eating Mexican food, and cuddling with her cats. Her dream is to be a television show writer. For inquries, she can be reached at taylorpdills@gmail.com https://www.linkedin.com/in/taylordills/