Boone Bucket List



It's important to make sure you fulfill your time here at Appalachian. Do everything that you've wanted to do in Boone in your final time because you never know where you are going to be after college. Make a list of your favorite restuarants, places, and activities and make sure to go and do each of them before you leave! Below are some ideas to an ultimate Boone (and western North Carolina) bucket list. 


  • Daniel Boone Inn: This is almost the cliche place to eat in Boone and most students hardly ever eat here unless their family is in town. However, go ahead and splurge because we all know that family style dining is like no other. 
  • Black Cat: Get your favorite wild burrito.
  • Macado's: Don't forget to get your head sized cinnamon roll. 
  • Troy's Diner: If you have never had their country fried chicken, you have to go. Your life will be forever changed. 
  • Come Back Shack: Get the best burger in Boone and a milkshake if you're blessed enough to still have money for one. 
  • Los/Dos: Whichever you prefer, go show them your support. 


  • Rough Ridge: Odds are you took the cliche picture on Rough Ridge freshman year, so go back and take another one and compare how different you are. I dare you not to cry. 
  • Lineville Falls: This is such a beautiful hike and waterfall. It's only about 30 minutes down the parkway and well worth the drive. 
  • Waterfalls: There are so many incredible waterfalls in western North Carolina, research some, such as Crabtree falls, and go to your favorites. 
  • Mount Mitchell: The highest point of the Appalachians and the east coast. You can choose to hike or drive.
  • Asheville: If you haven't been to Asheville yet, you need to go. Explore the breweries, art, music, and history of the beautiful city. 
  • Howard's Knob: View all of campus and Boone one last time and take in how this place made you into who you are over the past four years.
  • Breweries: Have a drink at the local breweries and appreciate the craft beer we are so blessed to have. My favorites include Lost Province and Appalachian Mountain Brewery. 
  • Veggies, Fruits, and More: Pick up some locally grown produce from this great produce stand!
  • Grandfather Mountain: Cross the mile high bridge to have a breathtaking view of the Blue Ridge Mountains.You can also hike the Profile Trail to the top for free admission for all you thrify students.

Things To Do

  • Tube down the river: Rent a raft, gather some friends, bring some drinks, and float downt the river. 
  • Hammock on Sanford Mall: Hang up your hammock and catch good vibes with your shoeless Appalachian family.
  • Watch the sunset from Caladwell Community College: The perfect sunset spot, once you see one sunset from there you have to see more.
  • Bar Crawl: Plan a bar crawl to your favorite bars around town no matter if they're downtown, at the trailer bars, or next to campus, just make a loop. 
  • Drive the Parkway: Get in the car, turn on some good music, cruise down the parkway, and take in the views. 

We are so blessed to live in a place as beautiful as Boone. Don't take advantage of your time here. Make yourself a bucket list and fulfill it!