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Books to Get You Ready for Fall

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With autumn just right around the corner, are you in need of some books that will make you feel as if orange, red, and yellow leaves are falling around you? If so, I have some book recommendations for you! Below are two books that I have read that made me feel like I could smell the apples in the air, and two that I haven’t read (but hope to read soon) that give off autumnal spooky feelings; to me at least. 

Ninth House by Leigh Bardugo

A very popular book, Ninth House has an atmospheric feeling of fall and winter right in the palm of your hands. With the dark academia aesthetic, this book (whose setting takes place at Yale University) follows the main character Alex Stern after she is the sole survivor of an unsolved multiple homicide. While laid up in a hospital bed, she gets offered to attend Yale with the task to get wrapped up in the world of secret societies. Within these 450 pages, be prepared for a wild ride that consists of magic, horror, and fantasy through the sinister lens of the secret world. 

Genres: Fantasy, Fiction, Mystery, Adult, Paranormal, Horror, Urban Fantasy, Magic 

The Cartographers by Peng Shepard

This is a book that I’ve recently read and absolutely fell in love with. It has everything from mystery, to fantastical elements, to a setting in upstate New York (and don’t worry there is a bit of romance to satisfy all your needs). The story follows Nell Young’s journey after her reputation in the field of cartography is ruined and by her father of all people. But when her father, Dr. Young is found dead and in his possession the item that ruined her career before it could begin, she can’t resist investigating. Fall into the world of cartography and the cutthroat field of academia for an ending that will leave you holding your breath until the very end. 

Genres: Fantasy, Mystery, Fiction, Magical Realism, Thriller, Mystery Thriller, Adult Fiction

The Midnight Library by Matt Heig

A book that I picked up last year and loved, The Midnight Library will most definitely get you in your feelings. While at first I did not know what to think about the book, the more time goes on I appreciate the themes that were brought up, albeit dark themes, but themes that need to be talked about and discussed more. The novel follows Nora Seed after she finds herself hanging between life and death in a library that contains an infinite number of books, each one being another possible path in her life. This allows you to see how your life would have been if you had chosen a different decision. So, if you had the chance to do anything differently, would you take it? 

Genres: Fiction, Fantasy, Contemporary, Magical Realism, Adult, Science Fiction, Mental Health, Adult Fiction, Books About Books

Death Note by Tsugumi Ohba

A story that I want to read, but have yet to get the chance to, is Death Note. This is a Manga, which for those that don’t know Manga are Japanese comic books and graphic novels. This story follows Light Yagami, a great student who is bored out of his mind. However, his boredom soon fades away when he finds the Death Note which is a notebook dropped by a death god (a Shinigami) and soon finds out that any human whose name is written in it dies. I hope that I will be able to read this soon and get to experience what all the hype and praise is about. 

Genres: Manga, Graphic Novels, Comics, Fantasy, Horror, Fiction, Mystery, Thriller

Meg Hanff

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I am a senior Public Health major with a minor Anthropology from the eastern part of North Carolina. I love music, books (my family might think I love this one too much), sports, and learning about new things.