The Books and Background of Mary Flinn

This past summer, after countless weekday evenings of lounging around, watching television and doing nothing particularly productive with my time, I had a revelation of sorts; it had been so long since I had actually engaged in any activity that gave me the simplest kind of happiness and joy. At the time, I was so busy spending every day in and out of class in the mornings and working one of my two jobs that I literally forgot how to relax happily. So, I started making a list. On a piece of recycled notebook paper I wrote everything I wanted to do in a single summer that would make me happy. Among some of the tasks were: paint my desk, pick up that sewing project that I stopped working on two years ago, and exercise three times a week. But, my favorite task, and by far the simplest, actually ended up first on my list: read a book for fun.
Well, it didn’t take a trip to the library or countless hours of browsing the fiction section to know what book I wanted to read first. In fact, this was a novel I had been meaning to read for months prior to the creation of “the list”. So, the first book I picked up was The One by Mary Flinn, who happens to be my best friend’s mother. After finishing it in about a week’s time, I realized that this was not just any other novel. This was one of those great reads that you find yourself so engulfed in that you can’t help but wish for more long after every page has been turned. Written with so much passion and substance, you could literally feel the reality in the story, which makes sense because all of Flinn’s stories stem from real life situations. Whether it be her own experiences, her two daughters’ experiences, or a close friend’s experience, she writes stories that we can all relate to in one way or another.
Take her first book, The One. It is the story of two high school seniors, Chelsea and Kyle, living in the fictional community of Doughton County and struggling with college decisions, loss, heartache, first love, and the typical high school drama that we all lived through at one point in our lives. The real life Kyle, however, was “a very bright and good-looking guy who was traveling around working as a dishwasher, and trying to put the tragedies of his life in perspective,” that Flinn met while working in the Outer Banks one summer many years ago.