The Best Shows On Netflix To Binge-Watch This Semester

It's reached the point in the semester where we're all just struggling to make it to Christmas break. We all went too hard for Halloween and need a weekend in. School and life are really just trying to get ya' down. But we have the fix for your self-care weekend.  So grab some wine, a face mask and all of the snacks you could need. Here are our top ten shows to binge-watch this weekend on Netflix! (Or Netflix and Chill depending what you're looking for) Of course these are only 10 of the literal 100's of shows you could watch this weekend....

1) New Girl

Jessica Day isn't the hero you asked for but she's the hero you need and if she's not Schmidt sure will be. There's just the right amount of serious moments to keep you involved paired with some of the most relatable TV charecters you'll ever meet. If you're looking for polka dots, kittens, puns, heart warming and a whole lot of funny New Girl is the show for you. 

2) Riverdale

Drama, sex, drugs, comedy, Cole Sprouse... what else do you really need in a TV show? Season one is streaming now and you'll be hooked before you know what happened. It really is so riveting you won't be able to breathe.

3) Stranger Things

This is a show to 100% trust the hype. Just trust me on this one. This will pretty much be your face the entire time you're watching. 

4) Grace & Frankie

10/10 would recommend to a friend.  Grace and Frankie's husband's come out as a couple one night at dinner and the events that follow are both hilarious and heart warming. Who doesn't want to watch 70 year old women try and sell the sex toys that they made for women with arthritis, smoke weed, and cuss like sailors? 

5) Friends

This is the perfect "I need to escape and relax" TV show. While we may never understand how they afford such ridiculously nice apartments in the middle of NYC we don't really care because we just want to be a part of their friend group and drink coffee together. Is that really too much to ask for?

6) Jane The Virgin

If you're looking for a pro-feminist show to make you re-believe in the power of women and warm your soul then Jane the Virgin is the show for you. There's just the perfect amount of drama and passion you can't go wrong.

7) Shameless

The best guilty pleasure show out there. The Gahllagher's are the family you absolutely love no matter how much they screw up their own lives or their siblings lives. But Lip is the epitamy of a bad boy that you just can't get enough of. You'll be hooked after the first crooked smile and touching family moment (which believe me are everywhere in this series)

8) Gilmore Girls

If you've never seen Gilmore Girls what are you doing honestly? If you have a relationship with your Mom you can relate in one way or another. Gilmore Girls has such a good mix of funny and touching you won't find yourself sobbing uncontrollably but you'll definitely feel some feelings. Regardless of where you fall on the Rory's great or Rory's the devil argument there's just something about Stars Hallow that brings you back for more every time. 

9) Grey's Anatomy 

Ok so at this point everyone knows how big of an emotional wreck Grey's Anatomy will make you. I highly encourage you to embrace the emotions and dive in. You can't help but love every character and hope the best for their lives even though most of them end up dead or gone or whatever (Thanks Shonda.) Don't be afraid of it though because even though the lows of the show are like...really low... the highs are even higher. You start by going I'll just watch one episode and next thing you know it's the next day and you're screaming for more epi and dancing it out in your underwear in your bedroom. All great reasons to dive in not to mention everyone in that entire class is like jaw droppingly hot....

10) Hart of Dixie 

This show follows Dr. Zoe Hart, NYC native who decides to pack up her life and move to a small, Alabama town named Bluebell. Craziness ensues but so does love and friendship and everything she never thought that she would find down south. If you're looking for something to warm your heart and soul this is the show for your weekend bingeing. (Also another show where everyone is a legitimate snack)