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Best Places to Study in Boone pt. 2

From the outside, Boone can seem like a peaceful town to study in as it’s surrounded by breathtaking mountains and the best fall colors. However, sometimes it can be be quite the opposite. There’s been an increase in students, tourists, and residents that disturbs peaceful study places, making it difficult to concentrate on reading a single paragraph from your textbook! If you’re looking for a study place, here are a range of locations that can fit your taste.

10. Kovu’s Coffee

Kovu’s Coffee is a perfect place to get your study vibes fuming. The interior has a homey feel that brings a sense of nostalgia. They offer seasonal menus and delicious baked goods that will keep bringing you back for more. Bring your furry friend to study since dogs are welcome inside! It’s a perfect place for wanting to focus in a comfortable yet familiar cozy environment.

9. Blue Deer

If you’re a fan of aesthetics, Blue Deer is a great place to surround yourself with decorative interior furniture and artwork. This place offers a wide view of King Street and Appalachian State’s transit center where you see people crossing roads and cars passing by. Sometimes staring at a wall and screen can lead to headaches, but Blue Deer’s view can be a great place for you to sit and look outside while you take a break from studying. The vibrant colors inside will keep you alert and energized throughout your studying, and best of all, they sell ice cream sandwiches!

8. Hole Lotta Doughnuts

This is for the ones who want to study but in a fun setting. Hole Lotta Doughnuts is a doughnut cafe with a funky design and abstract interior pieces. It’s a much more open area and spacious enough to stretch your limbs out. They have a range of tables, cushion chairs, and even a couch! You will never get bored studying as this place offers colorful pastries and a variety of coffee flavors. This is a place where you don’t have to worry about being too quiet, so bring a friend with you to fulfill your sweet tooth while preparing for a presentation!

7. Local Lion

The Local Lion is a very popular cafe in Boone and can be one of the busiest. Though it can get really crowded, it can be a great place to study when it’s not. It has a tasty range of coffee and desserts as it’s a favorite for a reason! The inside is casual and simple so if you’re not a fan of decorations, this cafe may be for you! There’s a porch in the front of the cafe making it perfect for those who like to sit outside. Local Lion is recommended if you want to bring your friends to study with while grabbing some goods!

6. Ben and Jerry’s 

This may be an unexpected study place but it’s actually one that is quiet in the winter season. Ice cream isn’t in big demand during the cold season, so there is not much busyness going on at Ben and Jerry’s. Inside there are chairs and rounded tables, a table facing King Street where you can study and enjoy your ice cream. The mornings are the best option for studying here as it’s the quietest and most relaxing place in the cold morning. Just make sure you bring something warm so you won’t get cold too quickly!

5. Durham Park

One of the most overlooked places on campus is Durham Park. You may think people would study at a park right on campus, but unfortunately, there are a lot of people who forget it’s there. Studying here will help relax your mind as there are trees and a small river to calm your nerves. If you want to stay away from buildings and crowds, Durham Park will be your bet to study. 

4. Sanford Mall

Sanford Mall is your classic study place where you have to at least experience once during your stay in Boone as it’s wide, spacious, and lively. There’s enough room for you to sit and find a spot to do your work while being outside. Here you will be surrounded by nature, laughter, and a beautiful view of Appalachian State. It’s a place to lift your spirits when you’re down in the dumps from all the enclosure.

3. Multicultural Center 

Now, this is for those who want to be on campus and study in a small environment. The Multicultural Center is located in Plemmons Student Union right across from Crossroads, it’s a space for ethnic and cultural groups to connect and share common experiences and concerns and it’s welcome to all students! Inside there are a multitude of chairs and snacks provided, and it’s usually very quiet and peaceful. If you want to get serious business done, this is the place to concentrate and knock out your assignments. 

2. Leon Levine Hall of Health Sciences

Leon Levine Hall of Health Sciences has one of the most elegant lounges in Boone! You may not be a STEM major, but that shouldn’t stop you from studying there as it has comfortable chairs, bright lighting, and an amazing view. For those who don’t own a car, I suggest you take AppalCART, it’s Boone’s free transportation bus that will drop you off at various locations in town. If you’re down to explore check this lounge out, you won’t regret it one bit!

1. 2nd Floor of Peacock Hall

To all those reading, shhh! You may want to keep this a secret! On the 2nd floor of Peacock Hall, there is a really nice lounge! There is even a small cafe that’s extremely affordable! You don’t have to be a business major to visit, just go and check it out! It’s the quietest after 5 p.m. and you don’t have to worry about loud noises as there’s barely any group of students chatting. The lights are dim and soft, and the furniture is stylish as well. Get yourself a coffee and study away!

Giselle Gonzalez-Garcia is currently a student at Appalachian State University majoring in Communication, Advertising, with a minor in Graphic Communication Management. Outside of school, she spends time drawing and shopping for stationery. She hopes to work at a creative advertising agency and live in a city with her mixed terrier.