The Battle Between Black and Gold

Arguably the biggest game of the season, this Saturday our Mountaineers will play the Wake Forest Demon Deacons. The Deacons are 1-0 in their conference and 3-0 overall. Comparing the average points per game, yardage and other stats with WFU, the Mountaineers are up against a team that is equal to it’s own.

Personally, it’s super exciting to see my Mountaineers play big name ACC teams, like Wake. I feel like the promotion of the game helps increase the awareness of this amazing place we call home, as well as our team, of course!! It provides a lot of opportunity and room for growth for the school and athletics!

Speaking of home, it’s kinda ironic who we’re up against next…especially because both school colors are black and gold...

I was born and raised in Winston, which if you didn’t know, is home of the Wake Forest Demon Deacons. Growing up, I attended a few football games, a ton of soccer games and a large portion of my middle school and high school summers were spent at the WFU volleyball camp. So you could say that I was an avid supporter of the Demon Deacons, the athletics at that school really had an impact on my brother and I. Even though I feel an obligation to cheer for Wake for all those years of molding my athletic career, I’m not confident I can abandon who my heart is telling me to pull for,



Think of it like this, you watch Clemson play because it’s your dad’s alma mater, but if it came down to it, you’d cheer for App because it’ll be your alma mater one day. It’s like with me, Wake was a huge part of growing up, but Appalachian State will always feel more like home. I mean, I am getting my degree from this school so I better support anything and everything that involves ASU. Ultimately, this weekend is going to be exciting for our school. Playing big name teams like Wake just shows how popular and desirable this school is growing into.


So Saturday, I will be wearing my black and gold.

But it’ll be for my Mountaineers.


Good luck to the team.